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CWS - Professional Weather Stations

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Our professional weather stations provide instantaneous, on-site weather data for operational decisions in public safety and industries affected by meteorological conditions. Trusted by industry and government agencies worldwide.

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CWS - Professional Weather Stations

  1. 1. Innovative Weather Monitoring • State-of-the-art sensor selection • Professional, easy-to-use monitoring options • One-year warranty with superior, personal technical support • Proven reliability, innovation and brand recognition for over 30 years
  3. 3. Fixed Mount Weather Station Select sensor model Mounting options: •Roof Mount Kit •Wall Mount Kit •Tripod Mast •Universal Mount to existing mast Communication options •Standard RS-232 serial cable •Wireless transceivers •Ethernet (serial to ethernet converter) •RS-422 (short haul converter) Select monitoring option
  4. 4. Portable Weather Station Includes: •Sensor module (select model) •Wireless transceivers •Batteries •Transportation Case •Tripod with telescoping mast Select optional monitoring method
  5. 5. Vehicle Mount Weather Station Includes: •Sensor module (select model) •Detachable 8-ft telescoping mast •Mounting brackets and connectors Select optional monitoring method
  6. 6. MODELS
  7. 7. Orion • All-in-one technology is fast and simple to install • Ultrasonic wind speed and direction with no moving parts, easy maintenance • Impact rain sensor • Relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure
  8. 8. Pulsar • Choice of sensors in all-in-one module, fast and simple to install • Electronic compass orients wind direction • Ultrasonic wind speed and direction with no moving parts, easy maintenance • Doppler radar or tipping bucket rain sensor
  9. 9. Magellan MX • GPS for location data and compensated wind speed • Choice of sensors, all-in-one module is fast and simple to install • Internal compass orients wind direction • Relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure
  10. 10. Capricorn FLX • Modular technology with multiple sensor options for optimal sensor location • Reliable, mechanical wind speed and direction • Up to four temperature sensors (air/soil/water) • Up to two solar radiation sensors • Relative humidity • Barometric pressure (internal to Control Module) • General purpose analog channels (two)
  12. 12. Weather MicroServer™ • Internet-ready weather data with browser interface • Industrial protocols such as SNMP, Modbus/OPC and RTU, DNP3 Ethernet • Data logger • XML weather data server • FTP interface • Compatible with CWOP and Weather Underground • Additional peripheral devices and software
  13. 13. Cloud Weather Server • Real-time web monitoring included with the Weather MicroServer • Security solution for customers unable to upload data (via FTP) to their website or implement port forwarding for the MicroServer • For one or multiple weather stations • Data is automatically uploaded every 5 seconds • A no-hassle weather website for your organization • Customization available
  14. 14. Weather Display • Intuitive touchscreen displays current parameters, min/max, trends and more • Industrial grade console visible from a distance • Computations for calculated parameters including wind chill and heat index • Severe weather alerts
  15. 15. WeatherMaster™ Software • Display and automatic logging of all measured and calculated parameters • Expandable SQL database for archiving and reporting • On-the-fly graphing and trend displays • Alarm notification • Multi-station data acquisition and monitoring • Automated CAMEO/ALOHA interface (Third-party PC and Mac software also available)
  16. 16. 4-20 mA Signal Interface • Industrial interface to PLC, DCS, and SCADA systems with 4-20 mA signal • Includes weatherproof enclosure with converter modules, power supply and surge protector • Optional monitoring with Weather Display, Weather Master Software and/or Weather MicroServer
  17. 17. Professional Weather Stations. Professional Weather Monitoring. • What measurements does your application require? • How will you monitor and collect the data? • Visit our website ColumbiaWeather.com • Call or email for a quotation (503) 629-0887 • sales@columbiaweather.com Toll-free in the US and Canada 1 888-508-7375