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Secondhand Dealer Ordinance

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Secondhand Dealer Ordinance

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Secondhand Dealer Ordinance

  1. 1. College Station Police Department Secondhand Dealer Ordinance Chapter 8 Billy Couch, Assistant Police Chief March 28, 2019
  2. 2. Code of Ordinances Ch. 8 Article VII Purpose: • The current ordinance is outdated and no longer applicable, therefore, a re-write was necessary • To create an online database for secondhand dealers to record transactions • Strengthens the police departments ability to curtail thefts and to better prevent the consequences of theft
  3. 3. Code of Ordinances Ch. 8 Article VII (cont.) Initiative taken: • CSPD Detectives reached out to known stakeholders impacted by the ordinance to gain feedback on the initial language • Draft ordinance meeting with stakeholders to present language for further discussion • Consultation with multiple other police agencies with a similar ordinance to create a useable model
  4. 4. Business requirements • Enter required transaction information into the electronic inventory system within forty-eight (48) hours • For items purchased in excess of fifty dollars ($50), the required information must be entered in addition to photographs of the property and any unique identification number • Items bearing a unique identification number shall be retained for one hundred twenty (120) hours after the transaction
  5. 5. Article Exceptions • Used or secondhand furniture; • Used or secondhand clothing; • Used or secondhand children’s or baby items; • Charitable organizations; • Books or magazines; or • Purchases made at garage or yard sales , auction or consignment.