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Conditional Use Permit on Greens Prairie Road

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Conditional Use Permit on Greens Prairie Road

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Conditional Use Permit on Greens Prairie Road

  1. 1. Agenda Item #2 The Yard – Conditional Use Permit 1550 Greens Prairie Road West
  2. 2. Conditional Use Review Criteria • Purpose and Intent of UDO - The proposed use shall meet the purpose and intent of this UDO and the use shall meet all the minimum standards established in this UDO for this type of use. • Consistency with Comprehensive Plan - The proposed use shall be consistent with the development policies and goals and objectives as embodied in the Comprehensive Plan for development of the City. • Compatibility with Surrounding Area - The proposed use shall not be detrimental to the health, welfare, or safety of the surrounding neighborhood or its occupants, nor be substantially or permanently injurious to neighboring property. • Harmonious with Character of Surrounding Area - The proposed site plan and circulation plan shall be harmonious with the character of the surrounding area. • Infrastructure Impacts Minimized - The proposed use shall not negatively impact existing uses in the area or in the City through impacts on public infrastructure such as roads, parking facilities, electrical, or water and sewer systems, or on public services such as police and fire protection, solid waste collection, or the ability of existing infrastructure and services to adequately provide services. • Effect on Environment - The proposed use shall not negatively impact existing uses in the area or in the City.
  3. 3. Night Club, Bar or Tavern • Definition: A commercial establishment including, but not limited to, bars, coffee houses, or similar establishments where a dance floor, music, games, or other entertainment is provided and where the serving of food is not the principal business. Specifically included in this classification are establishments that derive seventy-five (75) percent or more of their gross revenue from the on- premise sale of alcoholic beverages.