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Precasting process flow chart-compressed.pptx

  1. Precasting components process flow chart (Casting to Erection) MHADA PMAY Project, Shirdhon Kalyan (Precasting Manufacturing unit & P C yard no.1 & 2) Prepared By: Col. M P Patil (Retd.) EHS, HO Pune
  2. Installing with proper Aligning the Mould for casting component on firm found
  3. Cleaning Mould for earlier concreting concrete residual
  4. Oiling the internal & exterior surface of Mould
  5. Placing of Reinforcement cage in it
  6. Locking the Mould
  7. Pouring concreting by concrete bucket with vibrator
  8. Sprinkling water (Curing) on it / covering with hessian cloth
  9. Demoulding from Mould
  10. Shifting of component through tower crane
  11. Stacking to the designated location in proper manner as per Design requirement given in stacking drawing.
  12. Loading in vehicles to transport at site
  13. Unloading at site and stacking again
  14. Cleaning of component before erection
  15. Lifting for erection
  16. Component erection
  17. Providing supports
  18. Concreting (Grouting work)
  19. Safety Precautions taking while process: