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Trust in the Digital Single Market - Cloud Expo 2017

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Reducing frictions between cloud buyers and sellers, and building trust in the Digital Single Market. We set the scene for a resilient cloud market, and discuss the value of services that lead to greater trust and uptake of cloud services.

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Trust in the Digital Single Market - Cloud Expo 2017

  1. 1. Cloud | Markets | Data Trust in the Digital Single Market Frank Khan Sullivan & The Best Panel at Cloud Expo 2017 Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  2. 2. The Dawn of Cloud Computing 1969 1970 ARPANET Everyone would be interconnected MULTICS MIT, GE & Bell - time sharing 1990 VPN Telcos start private networks 1999 SaaS Salesforce.com comes on scene 2006 AWS Launches EC2 and changes from SOA Mainframes Personal Computing Web Hosting Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  3. 3. How did we get here? 2008 Google App Engine and new segment. 2010 Azure The cloud you already bought. 20152006 AWS Launches EC2 and S3 usher new era. 2017 Multi-cloud. Cloud underpins an awful lot. Digital Single Market Announcing the 3 pillars for EU. Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  4. 4. Your turn. What’s coming next? Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  5. 5. Predictions for 2017 Fat Data AI & Automation Convergence IoT Multi Cloud SysOps Guess 1 Guess 2 Guess 3 Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  6. 6. Yes, but these are all technology predictions! Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  7. 7. Why might we be wrong? 1. Past performance is not always a reliable indicator of future performance. 2. Progress isn’t progress when people lose their jobs. It’s just called change. 3. What underpins trust in a market is a stable, predictably enforced framework. 4. Black swan risks are present and hidden. We don’t know what we don’t know. 5. Do we stop and ask ourselves what could possibly go wrong with the market? Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  8. 8. Take a deep breath. You have to read the next bit. Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  9. 9. What is the Digital Single Market? Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub The DSM could contribute EUR 415 billion to the GDP of the EU-28. “The digital single market is one of the most promising and challenging areas of progress, creating potential efficiency gains of EUR 415 billion. It opens up new opportunities to boost the economy through e-commerce, while at the same time facilitating administrative and financial compliance for businesses and empowering customers through e-government. Market and government services developed within the digital single market are evolving from fixed to mobile platforms and becoming increasingly ubiquitous, offering access to information and content any time, anywhere and on any device (ubiquitous commerce and ubiquitous government). These advances call for a regulatory framework that is conducive to the development of cloud computing, borderless mobile data connectivity and simplified access to information and content, while safeguarding privacy, personal data, cybersecurity and net neutrality.” Legal Basis: Articles 4(2)(a), 26, 27, 114 and 115 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). Link here.
  10. 10. We are here to shape that regulatory framework.
  11. 11. Hot Topics for 2017 Interoperability & standards Security & privacy Pricing transparency Self-regulation Competition & Markets The human impact What are the pillars of regulation for this market? Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  12. 12. Introducing the Panel
  13. 13. What encourages trust in the digital single market? Introductions: Daniele Catteddu (CTO, Cloud Security Alliance) Steve Chambers (UK Cloud Pro) Erkuden Rios (R&D Lead, Technalia) James Mitchell (CEO, Strategic Blue) Sue Daley (Head of Cloud & AI, TechUK)
  14. 14. Robots took my job. I’m not voting for you any more. Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  15. 15. What recent examples of innovation can you provide? Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  16. 16. A bad design is a bad design, right? Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  17. 17. What are standards? Why are they so vital? Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  18. 18. When does a provider get ‘too big to fail’? Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub
  19. 19. What are your top 3 takeaways for today? Tweet @fksullivan / @CloudWatchHub