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Federated Social Web Summit / Portland, Oregon, USA / 18th July 2010

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  1. 1. sioc image from tinyurl.com/siocfrost
  2. 2. Data silos on the social web image from pidgintech.com
  3. 3. Can be linked via semantics
  4. 4. Social Semantic Web
  5. 5. Two-way street: semantic web can help social web, vice versa • Can Use semantic web to describe people, content objects and the connections that bind them all together so that social sites can interoperate via semantics • In the other direction, object-centered social websites can serve as rich social data sources for semantic applications image from tinyurl.com/highway2
  6. 6. Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities (SIOC) • Goal of the SIOC ontology is to address interoperability issues on the Social Web – sioc-project.org – W3c member submission in 2007 – SIOC has been adopted in a framework of 100 applications or modules deployed on hundreds of sites – Web 2.0, enterprise info integ, HCLS, e-gov image from tinyurl.com/friendship2
  7. 7. Some of the SIOC core ontology classes and properties
  8. 8. Sioc food chain
  9. 9. Some applications using sioc
  10. 10. RDFA in drupal 7 • Drupal cms used by 1 percent of all sites • Five Alpha versions of drupal 7 released already, semantic web support built-in: – Release candidate version on its way • Rdfa (sioc, foaf, dublin core, skos) data for blog posts, forums, etc. • Video at www.semantic-drupal.com image from tinyurl.com/drupaper
  11. 11. Rdfa on newsweek.com
  12. 12. An ontology stack for the social semantic web
  13. 13. Distributed Architecture www.Smob.me
  14. 14. Sioc can be used to... • ...provide a layer of rdfa metadata from a social website, e.g. to enhance search results • ...get a Complete representation/xml dump of a social website (export, import) • ...be a native format for social websites • ...do other stuff; just imagine; Thanks! image from tinyurl.com/orionw