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ICWSM-12 Welcome

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The 6th International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media / Dublin, Ireland / 5th June 2012

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ICWSM-12 Welcome

  1. 1. Welcome to ICWSM!
  2. 2. Thanks to our sponsors, without whom we would not be talking today!
  3. 3. Thanks to our organising committee, SPC/ PC members, and especially AAAI!
  4. 4. Sincere thanks to our Program Chairs: Nicole, Jimi, Zeynep!
  5. 5. We’re social offline!
  6. 6. We’re social online!
  7. 7. Utilizing Social Media to Understand the Dynamics of a City!
  8. 8. Modeling Destructive Group Dynamics in On-line Gaming Communities!
  9. 9. Impact and Influence of Bots on Social Networks!
  10. 10. Modeling Spread of Disease from Social Interactions!
  11. 11. Predict Company Acquisition Using Profiles and News Articles on TechCrunch!
  12. 12. Exploring Societal-Scale Effects of Weather on Mood!
  13. 13. Have You Heard?: How Gossip Flows through Workplace Email!
  14. 14. On the Study of Diurnal Urban Routines on Twitter!
  15. 15. Grassroots Professional Development: How Teachers Use Twitter!
  16. 16. A Tale of Trust and Mistrust inside a Community of Citizen Reporters!
  17. 17. Oh, by the way, the Olympic Torch passes by on Wednesday!!
  18. 18. Hopefully no one will steal it…!
  19. 19. We’ll socialise in the Guinness Gravity Bar, with views over all of Dublin!
  20. 20. Watch out! Pirates love Guinness…!
  21. 21. Tour of the Science Gallery on Thursday!
  22. 22. Enjoy Dublin! But you can never leave…!
  23. 23. Join the conversation!
  24. 24. Don’t forget the #hashtag!!
  25. 25. Now… Time for blast off!!
  26. 26. Behind the scenes…!