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Communities and Tech: Build Which and What Will Come?

  1. Communities & Tech Build which and what will come? @JohnBreslin @NUIGalway @Boards @TechnologyVoice @StartupGalway Guillom at commons.wikimedia
  2. Black Head My grandfather was the first lighthouse keeper here, having helped build it from 1935 to 1936 with the Galway Harbour and Irish Lights Commissioners (This Clare lighthouse was requested by the community of transatlantic liner captains and freighter masters using Galway Bay) Allgau at en.wikipedia
  3. Glenties My other grandfather was a Donegal postman who delivered letters daily to the local community all over the glens by bicycle Marksie531 at en.wikipedia
  4. NUI Galway • As a lecturer, I’m also dealing in “signals and communications” of a sort • Have taught over 2,500 students at the University during the past 15 years • Doing social media research at Insight toms at flickr
  5. Boards • started life as a gaming community forum I set up in 1998 • Now reaches 2.5M users each month • 125M users / 2.5B pages since 2005
  6. Build the tech and the community will come? It’s like you’re building a lonely house Mayqel at commons.wikimedia
  7. Build the community and the tech will come! Your users should feel they are part of something they’ve helped to build HM Marsh at British Library's Picturing Canada
  8. Search for, adopt and embrace existing groups Unknown at commons.wikimedia
  9. Converse with your users, digest, assimilate good ideas brunogirin at flickr
  10. Recognise and highlight your hubs and connectors Calvinius at commons.wikimedia
  11. Galway Tech Map
  12. Startup Galway
  13. Technology Voice @tom_murphy