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Migrate your Application to the Cloud

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Cloud Computing is a way to increase capacity without investing in new infrastructure, training new personal, or licensing new software. Learn which are the benefits, pros and cons of migrating your application to the cloud.

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Migrate your Application to the Cloud

  1. 1. Increase capacity without huge investment. Migrate your application to the Cloud.
  2. 2. A way to increase capacity without investing in new infrastructure, training new personal, or licensing new software. You would only pay for what you're using. CLOUD COMPUTING We'll see what makes Cloud Computing so requested nowadays:
  3. 3. 01 BENEFITS Security Cloud backups. Automatic upgrades. Self managed servers. Testing Environments. Quicker deployments.
  4. 4. 02 PROS vs. CONS PROS CONS Flexible Autoscaling. No physical server (IT cost reduction). Cloud computing allows you to expand your global presence.  Automation. Cloud computing may not be the right fit for all workloads.  Performance on shared infrastructure can be inconsistent.  People believe that cloud infrastructure is not secure.  Prone to attack.
  5. 5. 03 MOVING TO THE CLOUD Migrating is a big step, it considers everything. Every change that will be made in order to make the cloud server, website or application to function as its meant to be.   The server specifications you would need are such as: RAM, CPU, Processors,  Bandwith, etc… And the services you need installed that are already implemented in the cloud such as:  (RDS for databases, Mail servers, Load balancers, CDN, Monitoring, Storage, etc).   If you have anything like this in your physical server set up, will probably need a new installation from the cloud hosting provider.  
  7. 7. Hire an IT expert! If you are not very familiarized with the migration process it’s not recommended for you to do it all alone, things can result as they were not expected to be. So, remember you can always hire an IT expert who can guide you trough all the process or implement your whole IT department to the cloud.
  8. 8. Need more? Or if you need help from our professional team, contact us! ARTICLE SOURCE: HTTPS://WWW.CLICKITTECH.COM/NEWS/WHY-MIGRATE-YOUR-APP-TO-THE- CLOUD Server & Website Migration Service. How Outsourcing IT services will help you improve your business. ClickIT Smart Technologies