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Top Ten Best Practices for Talent Acquisition

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Kathleen Smith, CMO, ClearedJobs.Net presented at the Tidewater Techexpo Business to Government Conference on Top Ten Best Practices for Talent Acquisition. This presentation is focused on small to medium size businesses who can and should engage their business development community along with their talent acquisition community.

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Top Ten Best Practices for Talent Acquisition

  1. 1. Tips for Talent Acquisition
  2. 2. Enhancing Your Recruiting Don’t Whine “I Don’t Havewith Social Media the Time”…..There are at least 2 or 3 things you arecurrently doing inefficiently that couldbe done more efficiently
  3. 3. Who Are You? Doesthe talent even knowabout your company?You have a tough case to present to thetalent community.Finding and keeping your talent is afoundation for your contracts.You are an unknown and you don’t havethe resources that your primes do.There are some things you can do: You can move more quickly and make a stronger connection with your candidates. More opportunities to make a difference. Use multitalented individuals. Allow professionals to be part of something.
  4. 4. Talented ProfessionalsAre Your JudgesTalented professionals wantto know that your companyhas opportunities for theirskill set, their career pathand benefits that aredifferent than othercompanies.This is engaging an entirecommunity rather thankeeping the talentacquisition a separate partof your business.
  5. 5. Tip #1 – CandidateExperience
  6. 6. What is Your CandidateExperience?Make sure that everyone realizes theyare a “Company Ambassador “not justpushing paper through the system.Build a rapport with each candidate, toshare with them the benefit of beingpart of a smaller company.Acknowledge all applications.Provide candidates with feedback andstatus of their application.Why they didn’t meet the requirementsand what they may want to do.Apply to your own jobs!
  7. 7. How Bad Could it Be?What would workers do if they have a bad applicant experience?The effects of one candidate’s negative experience can lead to a broaderimpact on the employer’s ability to recruit or sell products. Workers saidif they are dissatisfied with the way their application is handled by anemployer, they would:· Never seek employment at the company again – 42 percent· Tell others not to work there – 22 percent· Tell others not to purchase services from the company – 9 percentWhat would workers do if they have a good applicant experience?The study found that a good applicant experience can have positivelong-term effects for organizations regardless if the candidate wasactually hired. Workers said if they are happy with the way they aretreated by an employer when applying for a job, they would:· Consider seeking employment with the company again in the future –56 percent· Tell others to seek employment there – 37 percentSource: CareerBuilder Talent Source Study 2013
  8. 8. Tip #2 – Referral Programs
  9. 9. Every Team Member =Employment BrandAmbassador Establish a referral program that isconstantly communicated with yourteam. Your client facing managers are goingto be your best recruiters.Be sure that your team knows thepositions and types of individuals youare looking for.Provide the information in ashareable format – quick descriptionand link.Include your Hot Jobs and ReferralProgram on Out of Office Emails.
  10. 10. Bonus:Alumni ProgramsTreating your currentemployees well even ifthey decide to move on.Keep them in youremployee referralprogram.Set up a LinkedIn groupfor your alumni.Post contract news andopportunities.
  11. 11. Tips #3 - #7 – BuildingOnline CommunityEngagement forBusiness and TalentAcquisition.
  12. 12. Tip #3 – LinkedIn Company Pages Update weekly, customer recommendations and all employees connected.
  13. 13. Create a Good Summaryon Your PersonalLinkedIn ProfileUsing the Summary as agood place to showcase yourcompany’s brand and yourbrand as well. This is an area to use yourkeywords and the specificson what kind of candidatesyou are looking for.You can load multi mediapresentations into yourSummary.
  14. 14. Participate in theLinkedIn GroupsThousands of groups on avariety of topics from alumnigroups to specific types ofprofessionals.You can join up to 50 groups toincrease your opportunities toparticipate and makeconnections.Participate, comment andconnect, not just advertise. Use the Settings to controlhow much email you get fromthe various groups.
  15. 15. Tip #4 – CompanyTwitter ProfileBuild communitydon’t just blastjobs.Bonus – UseAggregators likeHootsuite orTweetdeck to manageyour engagement.
  16. 16. Being a community memberon Twitter to maintain yourpipeline of IT folks
  17. 17. Tip #5 – Company Blogs Having your key staff share their thoughts with the community
  18. 18. Tip # 6Engage Don’t Blast
  19. 19. Tip # 7 - Setting Up Google Alerts on your company,competitors, key topics to share with your community.
  20. 20. BONUS: Meetups- topicoriented very specific toskill set, and bring in yourspeakers.
  21. 21. Tips # 8 & 9 – Job Boards
  22. 22. Tip # 8 – Job Postings = Online Advertising = Keywords First places talent will read, make it interesting, accurate and very descriptive. Company details, program descriptions, culture environment, how advancement happens, what other opportunities are available. Do this in the proposal stage, let the candidates know you are in the proposal stage.Please, don’t just copy the contract requirement!
  23. 23. Tip #9 – ResumeDatabase SearchUse Resume DatabaseSearches to build yourpipelines that match with yourcontracts.Cultivate candidates withupdates and news.Resume agents.Statistics for job descriptions tosee if they are pulling the rightcandidates .
  24. 24. Tip # 10 - Job FairsThis is brand building,getting your name out.Don’t just talk to “onekind” of talent.This is a meet and greetfor the community.Bring your frontlinemanagers not just yourrecruiters.
  25. 25. Bonus – What are you doing toattract veterans to yourorganization?Cultivate your current employees whoare veterans to help you build yourveteran recruitment. In your job board searches, click “AnyLocation” which will pull up manyveterans who will be relocated by thegovernment.Make sure your LinkedIn profilesreaches out to military personnel.Participate in the Military SupportLinkedIn groups by providing adviceand opportunities.Support the local TAP and ACAPoffices.
  26. 26. Why Go to All ofThis Trouble?Maintaining a TalentPipelineIntegrated CommunityEngagementEmployment fraud
  27. 27. Kathleen Smithksmith@clearedjobs.net www.SlideShare.net/ClearedJobsNet