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Chocomel assigment

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Marketing strategy suggestion for the Dutch Cocolate Milk brand Chocomel

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Chocomel assigment

  1. 1. 345319 Zi Wang ● 362849 Renate van den Brink ● 400288 Claudia Orta ● 441292 Athanasios Kamtsiou
  2. 2. Position ice cold Chocomel as a , to help you after an energy deploying activity. We want to give young adults a to keep up with their activities. So they don’t miss the fun with their friends.
  3. 3. Young adults are a busy age cluster of the Dutch society, they do not have the time to take a break. They are more conscious about the life-work balance, and they look for time AND ENERGY to be in more activities, like sports or parties. 1. …is an optimal post-exercise recovery aid. People don’t want to have a full meal after their activities, but they want a light snack. Chocomel will fulfill the food need after an activity. 2. …can give you a quick in-between snack. (For example: bartenders are drinking Chocomel when they do not have the time to take a break).
  4. 4. COMPETITORS • Marsdrink = Refuel drink, post-workout drink. It is not delivered in large packages. And it is not popular in the Netherlands, in the summer of 2014 people get sick of the drink, because it was containing a bacteria. • Lipton and Coke = Happy, removes thirst (refreshing). • Starbucks = Delivering a luxurious drink to relax. • Cocio = A drink with no artificial addition. • Energy drink (Red-Bull etc.) = Gives you energy, but is not designed with a good taste. *Beer and cocktails are also a popular drinks in the summertime. But as they are alcoholic drinks, are treated as substitutes instead of direct competence
  5. 5. Is your life running fast? Take a Chocomel
  6. 6. Instagram Picture Campaign: Your #Letsgo Moments • To interview young adults  emphasis on the moments cue for summers and/or in-between outdoors activities. • Stories come with the pictures should tailor to their lifestyle  personal and sharable (social media buzz)  engagement • Dual communication  help Chocomel to understand this segment better. • Easy to duplicate  pictures can be shared on other SNS platforms, i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Contributor of Amersfoort Marathon in June, 2016 • To provide Chocomel in cans and bottles for all participants at the finish line. • Could strengthen the association of a ‘post-exercise’ and ‘in-between’ snack drinks. • Could largely break the association of a ‘winter-only’ and family drinks. • Friesland Compina is already a sponsor of the event  can take advantage of the networking • Award participation with Chocomel shoulder bags. The first 1.500 people who participate in the marathon will receive a Chocomel shoulder bag. Promoted Facebook Posts and Video Ads • Major information portal to promote the events, e.g. Amerfoort Marathon and other musical festivals. • Created event pages with partners to attract participants. • Short videos made by Chocomel of everyday people explaining how and when the like drinking ice cold Chocomel. • Video Ads summarizing Chocomel’s presence in events with participants’ small interviews. • Frequently renewed posts to keep the audience interested. • A combination of CPC (Cost-per-click) and CPM (Cost per mille)
  7. 7. The relevant cost of these will not exceed €20.000 budget. 2,000 1,000 4,500 10,000 2,000 19,500 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 Sponsored stories (0.5€ per click) Promoted Posts (5€ per 1000 views) Bags (3€ per unit) Chocomel Stand Facebook Gifts Marathon Videos COST Success of Internet Campaign • We will achieve 4.000 clicks, likes, comments or shares on our Facebook page! • The ads to be shown to 200.000 viewers of our target group!* TOTAL *Facebook Ads Tool