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Walk Through History

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A quick review of mine about the book "A History Of The World In 500 Walks" by Sarah Baxter. I called it "Walk Through History".

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Walk Through History

  2. 2. WALK THROUGH HISTORY P I C T U R E S A N D W O R D S B Y C L A R A D E L C R O I X Last spring, as I went to London, while waiting for my train to come back to France, I found something that I consider now as my hiking’s Bible: A history of the world in 500 walks by Sarah Baxter. Before I read this book, I thought I didn't like history. But that is past now! Sarah Baxter is a British writer. She is now associate editor at Wanderlust magazine. But she also wrote for the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Independent, Country Walking and Runner’s World on topics such as travel or walking. Finally, she contributed on Lonely Planet guidebooks too. A history of the world in 500 walks inventories 500 trails all over the world. The common point? Each path tells us a part of our history. Wether it is an ancient trade route, a pilgrimage path or a track between ruins, there is something for everyone.  Their lengths vary between less than 1 mile to 3,100 miles. Likewise, from easy to strenuous, difficulties are diverse. No excuses. Even if you don’t have time to take a sabbatical year, some just takes a couple of hours to be completed. Plus the book is colorful and richly illustrated. It makes you dream. While reading it you are not only traveling through history but also through the world! This is truly an inspiration. As I saw the trans-rift trail in Kenya I told myself that I will go there at some point. On the other hand, this book that weights 2 pounds is very informative. For hikers (but for others too), commentaries are clear, knowledgeable, with practical details and great advices. For instance, the Camino real in Panama: Hiking poles, insect repellent, binoculars, and bathing suit all recommended. 2
  3. 3. Wether on your doorstep or on the other side of the world, history is everywhere. That’s also what Baxter teaches us. So if you are a historian, you can learn things too. Take, for example, the Templar Trail (from France to Israel): In 1096, God- fearing Godfrey of Bouillon set off on the first Crusade. […] He assembled an army to march east from France, with the aim of freeing Jerusalem from its Muslim invaders and reclaiming it for Christianity. Even if you don’t like to walk, you can learn about world’s history thanks to Sarah Baxter’s book. And if you don’t like history, just hike… in your forebears' footsteps! I already tried two of the walks: the Hadrian's Wall Path in Northern England (pictures on next page) and the Schengen without border trail that runs between Luxembourg, France and Germany (pictures on page 2 and 3). A history of the world in 500 walks is the perfect book to chill in your hammock with the fresh breeze on your face while listening to the sound of mother nature. Be lost, be wild, take your boots and heads up outside! The book is available for £22.25 on Amazon (without shipping). And you know what? Sarah Baxter just published a new book on June 2017: A history of the world in 500 railway journeys. 3 Schengen without border trail sign▴   ▼  A passport, a knife and a good book: let's go on an adventure !
  4. 4. THE HADRIAN'S WALL PATH An exemple of walk taken from the book: the Hadrian's wall path. It follows the wall Emperor Hadrian built on 2nd century, running between Newcastle and Bowness on Solway (England). 4 Brocolitia Roman Temple▴   Hadrian's wall▴   Hikers along the path ▶