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Citadel bari varam_12-04-2019

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Inese Grospine illustrates the national CITADEL use case at the workshop in Bari

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Citadel bari varam_12-04-2019

  1. 1. CITADEL VARAM USE CASE Inese Viktorija Grospine Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia
  2. 2. Responsible authorities for e-governance Information society eGovernment and State ICT Public service & OneStopShop Ministry of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development ICT industry development Ministry of Economics Networks and Communications Ministy of Transport National IT security, CERT Ministy of Defence HR and Transparent Government State Chancellery
  3. 3. ARCHITECTURE – reusable components and services Latvija.lv 27 institutions Payments* 44 services Authentication* 46 portals Official eAdress Identification Payments Cross-border gateway
  4. 4. • Municipal services • National services (9 instit.) • Digital service assistance • Help desk for Portal Increased service accessibility Results Reduced admin. burden €8,2M Increased digital service uptake 97% clients very satisfied 85 centres Efficiency: first sectoral customer centers are being closed (replaced) Unified State and Municipal Customer Service centres
  5. 5. 2 Level Administration 13 ministries Parliamentary republic • Legislation central • Enforcement central/local • Services central/local Estonia Lithuania Russia Belarus 119 municipalities
  6. 6. Digital services for easy living – all essential services accessible digitally Digital Tax & Customs Procedures Electronic Business registration Apply for social benefits (child birth, disability) Apply for driving exams, change car owner, etc. Apply for studies in Universities 100% digital Rural support administration Cultural heritage collections Citizen initiatives and referendum initiation Right for digital communication with government national, municipal and utility services Enable digital-only mode – activate official eAddress
  7. 7. 69% Citizens interact with government electronically Online services take-up results x2 Citizens applying for e-services has doubled in 4 years E-service user satisfaction level 8,3 58,7% 39,5%
  8. 8. • Skilled and equipped citizen • Involved in service improvement • One stop shop principle • Multichannel approach • Proactive services • Digital only • Once only • ICT infrastructure sharing • Centralised support platforms Services Effective/efficient institutional cooperation Rational ICT infrastructure
  10. 10. 10 Studies & recommendations • Factors that influence leaving / not using eServices • Factors that influence co-creation (public & private) Methodology & Tool for co-creation in PA • Co-creation process mapped with methods and tools Cloud based platform & tools • engagement, feedback, analysis, personalization This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 726755 citadel-h2020.eu Projects to support co- creation mainstreaming efforts
  11. 11. VARAM use case trajectories GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium11 Improved public service delivery channels Changed VARAM Public Service Department processes and mindset Improved other institutions’ knowledge and toolsets
  12. 12. #1 Improved public service delivery channels • Users survey in the portal latvija.lv • Non-user survey • Co-creation sessions with portal latvija.lv users • Testing CITADEL ICT enablers User Assessment and Intelligent Service Discovery GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium12
  13. 13. Survey Results GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium13 16% 23% 27% 21% 12% 1 - very easy 2 3 4 5 - very complicated / didn't find information or service How easy it was for you to find the necessary service or information? 28% 26% 22% 14% 8% 2% 1 - very easy 2 3 4 5 - very complicated Didn't use e- service today How easy it was for you to use e-service?
  14. 14. Survey Results GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium14 Would you suggest latvija.lv to your friends or acquintances? Please, write what you didn’t like about the portal or what would you like to improve! 6% 6% 9% 13% 16% 14% 36% 1 - definitely no 2 3 4 5 6 7 - definitely yes • Hard to find information or service • Complicated structure, no logic • Technical issues with e-service • Technical issues with portal • Didn’t find the result of e-service • Complicated language, terminology • Repeated steps • Too many services/descriptions • Some services are not available electronically • Unnecesary information
  15. 15. Co-creation sessions on Aug-Oct 2018 In co-creation with different portal latvija.lv users groups to identify necessary improvements / changes in the portal, thus improving public service delivery in Latvia Co-creation sessions ⃝ NGOs ⃝ CSCs ⃝ inhabitants ⃝ Businesses ⃝ Computer Science Students Analysed suggestions / opinions from participants After evaluation users suggestions included in technical documentation Introduced changes in the portal 15
  16. 16. NGO co-creation session GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium16
  17. 17. NGO co-creation session GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium17 Strategic changes • More rights to State Regional Develompent agency – supervise also the content of services, not only channel itself • Connection with other PA data bases/portals – once only principle More information • Information about portal for general public • More open data Personalized approach • Personalized information based on user’s profile and previous activities • Reminders for citizens (about tax payments etc.) • Proactive service offer based on profile Improved usability • Usability in smartphones • Simpler service descriptions • Make portal similar to popular websites/portals that are often used (Gmail, State Revenue Service portal etc.) • Changes in portal’s first page – too much information
  18. 18. NGO co-creation session GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium18
  19. 19. GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium19
  20. 20. Unified state and municipal customer service centers session GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium20
  21. 21. Unified state and municipal customer service centers session GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium21 Specific requests from client service • Access to test version of the portal • Identifiable e-service steps More focus on usability • Problems with search functions • Problems with authentification in the portal • Usability in smartphones • Changes in My working space – different title (sounds confusing in Latvian, different structure) • Personalized working space • Too much unnecesary information to users • Feedback options
  22. 22. Track 2 Changed VARAM Public Service Department processes&mindset • 1st set of interviews – finished mid 2018 • Workshop on Jan 18 2019 – • ~25 participants from Public Service Department and E-government department (from ~40) • Two topics: • Koen Vervoort «User involvement: theory & practice. A general flow» • Jonas Breuer «Data protection in the (smart) city» • Work in groups GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium22
  23. 23. Interviews Results • Overall attitude towards citizen involvement and citizen oriented PA is highly positive • Lack of practical experience • Low level of knowledge about co-creation • Main barriers: habits, fear from direct communication and criticism, unwillingness to leave comfort zone, limited time, • Main enablers: management, information exchange, good examples • Enabling use of e-services: we don’t talk to citizens enough, more communication with youth, simpler and cheap e-services, once only principle • EVLE model can be easily applied to service delivery channel strategy GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium23
  24. 24. GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium24
  25. 25. GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium25
  26. 26. GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium26
  27. 27. Track 3 Improved other institutions’ knowledge and toolsets • Conference held on January 2019 • Meetings with institutions and ministries – • Invitation to all ministries. One meeting per 1 ministry + respective subordinate institutions-main service providers • Meetings held in March-April • Topics – • Their expectations regarding public service delivery, incl.: • end-user involvement in public service improvement GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium27
  28. 28. Track 3 Improved other institutions’ knowledge and toolsets GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium28  Main activity – conference «COCREATION. Road to better public services» Held on January 17, 2019 Main presentations: • William Harmer (Government Digital Service, UK) Designing end-to-end services in the public sector • Koen Vervoort Improving processes and services by co-creation • Leire Orue-Echevarria about CITADEL approach, Jonas Breuer about DPIA, local presenters
  29. 29. Track 3 Improved other institutions’ knowledge and toolsets GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium29 Conference «COCREATION. Road to better public services» ~130 registered participants ~100 attented, ~288 views online ~70 institutions, incl. 9 ministries, several education institutions, companies and NGOs See @ http://www.varam.gov.lv/lat/darbibas_veidi/e_parv/citadel_projekts/?doc=26978 Video @ http://www.varam.gov.lv/lat/video_tiesraide/videoarh/?doc=26977 Will Harmer presentation 18:30 Leire presentation 58:11 Koen presentation 1:24:00 Jonas presentation 2:38:10
  30. 30. GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium30
  31. 31. GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium31
  32. 32. GA 726755 (c) CITADEL Consortium32
  33. 33. Inese Viktorija Grospine Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia Inese.Grospine@varam.gov.lv