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Mark ragan ceo presentation to vocus user convference 2012

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Lecture 8: Intro to PR
Lecture 8: Intro to PR
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Mark ragan ceo presentation to vocus user convference 2012

  1. The company as media outlet: Your role in the age of Brand Journalism and Content Curation Mark Ragan CEO, Ragan Communications
  2. The history of corporate communications: CIRCA 1968: • Employee publications • Press releases • Face-to-face communication • Bulletin Boards …and when I say bulletin board, I mean…
  3. CIRCA 2011: The communicator's toolbox in the age of social media  Online newsletters  Social Media press release  Intranets  Social Networks  Twitter  Facebook  FourSquare  Tumblr  Podcasting  Yammer  Blogs  YouTube  Flickr
  4. And you. . . .
  5. And today? Content is no longer merely important. It’s the king of the forest.
  6. Content is at the very center of today’s brand strategy . . . . Intranets Social Networks Corporation Blogging Facebook FourSquare Twitter
  7. What has changed? • Free distribution channels: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more… • Understaffed newsrooms: Fewer reporters to feed the media beast • Reporters now tap into social media channels for stories • Technology has removed many cost barriers
  8. The original model:
  9. How it is today:
  10. What does all of this mean for Communicators?
  11. 5 qualities of the new communications superstar: • Expert in all things social media  • Become a leading content creator (and curator) for your organization • Practice the fundamentals of good writing and refrigerator journalism • Effectively produce an online newsroom • Build relationships with traditional and new media
  12. The New Formula: Great Content + Engagement = Success
  13. Change in thinking: Your new role as Chief Content Officer • Content producer • Reporter: Ferret out the stories • Conversation starter • Community Manager
  14. Payoff • Lower costs compared to traditional advertising • Higher brand recognition • Increased efficiency • More influence within the organization
  15. Every organization has a story: Your job is to find it and produce it
  16. But remember the #1 rule in the Age of Content Never bore people
  17. The Problem: Corporate and consumer information worlds are colliding
  18. What content consumers love: •Helpful posts that practice 'refrigerator journalism‘ •Compelling video •Voice and personality •Social Media integration •Conversation •Integrated customer service
  19. What's the problem? With most corporate sites
  20. Too much content, none of it filtered
  21. Clunky navigation: Too many choices
  22. No grumpy editor making the tough choices: What stays and what goes!
  23. Endless Rabbit holes
  24. Spotty, inconsistent or nonexistent social media integration
  25. Writing that doesn't get to the point quickly!
  26. No voice, color or sign of a human
  27. Doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up: Am I a shingle site or a knowledge leader?
  28. Great content
  29. Imagine what a customer might say: • "I'm not wading through content on Mashable, why do I have to on your site?” • "Why can't you be more like my favorite news site or trade publication?” • "And while I'm at it, why can't it be entertaining and human as well?"
  30. What you'll be hearing: The new buzzwords of the day
  31. Company as media outlet: Traditional newsrooms are in decline and media is now more fragmented than ever. Why not fill the void? "The mantra is that every company has to be a media company in  their own right, telling their own stories not just through websites  but through branded entertainment, video, iPad and mobile  applications. Big companies are going directly to the consumer to  engage them now, rather than through display or spot ads and the  traditional means of trying to reach consumers. You can't just be  out there shouting at people about your brand, you've got to  engage with them quite carefully, and the editorial skills that I can  bring can help with that."  --Stefan Stern veteran journalist for the Financial Times and head of strategy for Edelman
  32. Content Curation: For a fraction of the cost of advertising, you can become the chief content site in your business.
  33. Objective • Position HSBC as resource to businesses selling abroad. • Establish expertise in International Trade • Provide helpful tools to readers
  34. Editorial Resources • Five full-time staffers working on site • Uses syndicated content from Bloomberg/Wall Street Journal • Custom content from the Economist • Contract editor to keep distance from HSBC
  35. Philosophy Provide great information and tools and the customers will follow. “You don’t know who’s a potential customer, right? It could be a business that may be milling around going, ‘I’m not getting any growth in Iowa. Maybe I can sell meat pies in Canada.’ -- Clinton Riley, vice president of public affairs for HSBC North America.
  36. Brand Journalism: Using the principles and approaches of journalism to create rich content for your customers and prospects. • Credibility • Trust • Storytelling • Breadth of coverage • Timeliness • Integration with social media
  37. So is brand journalism just a theory? The proof is in the hiring
  38. Who heads digital strategy for IBM? (It's not a coincidence!)
  39. Who is the new communication strategist at SAP?
  40. What he says: "In my specific case, my ability to tell stories about the impact that  technology plays on business innovation and strategy and competitive  balance and global supply chains and real­time operations and cloud  computing and more is enhanced by my being employed within a  large, highly profitable, and truly global organization with more than  100,000 customers and deep troves of case­study expertise across  thousands of corporations in more than 20 industries. As an SAP  employee, I have more access to more information and expertise that  can be shared with audiences than I did in my former position on the  'light side'."
  41. Roadmap • Create simple, compelling news site that engages customers and prospects by providing daily news, analysis and video features for your market • Editorial team headed by a managing editor and team of reporters • Publisher: Manages all business aspects of the site and acts as bridge to senior management • Social Media editor. Integrates content into all social media platforms and manages communities both inside and outside the firewall • Director of measurement and search engine optimization 
  42. Benefits: • Become the leading thought leader in the industry • Simple and efficient way to generate leads, track progress and bond with customers • Build brand recognition among key decision makers and influencers • Bolsters social media presence by providing hot content to share • Gives global sales force tool for connecting to customers
  43. Go To Site
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  45. Go To Site In your face social media integration 63
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  47. Content by employees
  48. Talk back forum Interactive features Curated content
  49. Personal tales of success
  50. Great content + engagement = success
  51. Easy to measure ROI!
  52. Go to site
  53. Integration--Tie everything together Ban the Scatter Gun Approach
  54. In your face social media Make it easy to get content
  55. Fish where the List fish are! headline Easy sharing Great visual
  56. So what's YOUR strategy?
  57. What is my content? • What is my niche, i.e., cancer research, energy,  specialty steel, banking? • What information do my customers or employees need? • Decide ratio of 'curated content' to original • Social media integration: How will I foster sharing • Engagement: How do I keep them wanting more? • Measurement: How will I prove it's a success? • What's the frequency—Less is NOT more
  58. What resources do I have? • Freelancers or staff • How many reporters/editors do I need • Partnerships with bloggers and other content creators • Technology
  59. Go To Site • http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=OEdVfyt-mLw
  60. PinkGlove
  61. Go To Site
  62. Go To Site
  63. Go To Site
  64. Providence St. Vincent Medical Center’s PINK GLOVE dance, owns Google’s search results for Pink Glove. 17 of the first 35 results and 7 of 11 on page 1
  65. Contact Email: CEO@ragan.com Twitter: @MarkRaganCEO Phone: 773-456-1376