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De-Risk Data Center Projects With Cisco Services

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This presentation will discuss Cisco Advanced Services, why to use Cisco Advanced Services and where Cisco Advanced Services can add value to your business.

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De-Risk Data Center Projects With Cisco Services

  1. 1. De-Risk Data CenterProjects With Cisco Services
  2. 2. Theme “Cisco Advanced Services Mitigate Risk, Accelerate Time to Market, and Maximize Data Center ROI” #CiscoPlusCA
  3. 3. Agenda1. What are Cisco Advanced Services?2. Why Use Cisco Advanced Services?3. Where Can Cisco Advanced Services Add Value To Your Business?
  4. 4. 1. What Are Cisco Advanced Services? #CiscoPlusCA
  5. 5. Advanced Services: Part of a Family ofServices to Meet Business Needs RemoteAdvanced Services Technical Services Management Services A comprehensive family of IT services offered by Cisco to help you continually meet the needs of your business
  6. 6. Advanced Services Add Value Across The System Delivery Lifecycle Assess Business Strategy Coordinated PlanningAchieve & Strategyoperational Evaluate Assessexcellence Operational readiness to Prepare Preparednessthrough Excellence support theongoing proposedimprovements Optimize Plan solutionMaintain network Create ahealth through Operate Design detailed designday-to-day to addressoperations Maintain Design business and Network Health Implement technical The Solution requirements Implement the Solution Deploy the new technology without disrupting the network
  7. 7. Services Framework Advanced Services Remote Operate Services Technical Support ServicesAligned to PPDIOO Lifecycle Smartnet Advisory Services Remote Operate Plan & Design Services Services for Cisco Focused Technologies Technical Support Assessments Cisco Optimization Services (NOS) Network Availability TIS Audits Improvement Support (NAIS) Prepare Plan Design Implement Operate Optimize
  8. 8. 2. Why Use Cisco AdvancedServices? #CiscoPlusCA
  9. 9. Expertise Innovation Consistency Cisco AS AdvantagesChoices Value Excellence
  10. 10. Leverage Cisco Excellence In People,Process, and Intellectual Capital Process • Methodology • Integration • Interlock • Discipline • Holistic • Metrics People Intellectual Capital • Onsite • Network Data Collection • Teaming Tools • Execution • Templates/Reports • Mentoring Business • Deployment Guides • Leading Practices • Subject Matter Drivers • Network Profiling Expertise Service Customer Excellence Satisfaction
  11. 11. Services Designed for Specific Technology Solutions Application Networking Security Broadband Cable Server Networking Data Center Storage Networking Emerging Technologies TelePresence Interoperability Systems Unified Communications Metro Ethernet Video Network Management Virtualization Optical Voice
  12. 12. Existing Cisco Expertise and Services Operations and Data Center Architecture Application Management Optimization  End-to-end architecture  Application discovery  Organization design  Architecture reviews  DC Consolidation  Infrastructure mapping  ITIL and IT process  Risk analysis  Cloud Strategy  Database migration  Tools architecture  Availability  VDI Strategy  Application migration  Service level mgmt  Performance  ROI models  Application visibility  Provisioning  Security  Business case  Chargeback  Nexus/UCS/SAN/ACE Green Data Storage Access Compute Networking Center  Disaster recovery  Server virtualization  L2–L3 design  Facilities design  SAN migration  Migration and transition  L4–L7 design  Energy efficiency  Storage encryption  Virtual machine mgmt.  Branch consolidation  CFD modeling  Multiprotocol SAN  WAN optimization  Security  DC Testing #CiscoPlusCA
  13. 13. Data Center Services PortfolioPrepare Plan Design Implement Operate Optimize Data Center Virtualization Strategy and Roadmap Unified Computing Application Visibility Warranty Plus Management Data Center Data Center Virtualization Unified Computing Architecture Installation Service End-to-End Workshop Unified Fabric Unified Computing Data Center Support OptimizationUnified Computing Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery ServiceArchitectureAssessment Pre-Production Pilot Application Unified Computing Profiling Review Accelerated Deployment Mission Critical Architecture Value Support Service Assessment UCS Integrated Blade Management Virtualized Data Center Design Server Virtualization, Mobility and Management Unified Computing Review Data Center Remote Management Architecture Migration and Transition Configuration Virtualization Data Base Accelerator and Performance Assessment Security Remote Audit Operate Service Management Systems Integration Application Profiling Unified Computing Advanced Performance Monitoring Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Energy Intellishield Efficiency Cloud Build Vulnerability Alerting Service Cloud Strategy Cloud Integrate IPS Signature Service Best Practices Audit Virtualization Assessment Virtualization Accelerator Virtualization Operations Management Assessment Data Center Unified Services Computing Disaster Recovery Facilities Planning and Design Services Education Services and Certification—Learning @ Cisco
  14. 14. 3. Where Can Cisco Advanced Services Add Value To Your Business? #CiscoPlusCA
  15. 15. What are the next steps we can take together?• Which Phases of the DC System Delivery Lifecycle (PPDIOO) Are Strengths and Weaknesses For Your Firm? Why?• Do You Have 2-5 year roadmaps for your DC and Collaboration Architectures?• Do you have sufficient in-house capability to create low- level designs, test plans, and migration schedules for new Data Center projects?• Do you believe you are maximizing your ROI of your existing Cisco infrastructure?
  16. 16. Summary• Cisco Services Accelerate Time to Market, Mitigate Risk and maximize ROI• Cisco Advanced Services Are Professional Services To Help Plan, Build & Run Your Critical Infrastructure• Use Cisco AS because of our Expertise, Excellence & Consistency
  17. 17. Q&A #CiscoPlusCA
  18. 18. We value your feedback.Please be sure to complete the Evaluation Form for this session. Access today’s presentations at cisco.com/ca/plus Follow @CiscoCanada and join the #CiscoPlusCA conversation