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A Diagram of Your Security Risks

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Download the Cisco Midyear Security Report 2015 to learn more about the security threats landscape: http://cs.co/MSR15SL

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A Diagram of Your Security Risks

  1. 1. Boardrooms This is not an org chart of your company: It's a diagram of your security risks. 55% BYOD Networks IOT Confidence level toward security processes of corporate directors understand and manage cybersecurity as a risk. Attackers Operations Each employee in your organization carries more than three devices and wearables, creating an even wider surface area to defend. Users From the boardroom to the breakroom, each user, with their access and devices, has become an unwitting access point for cybercriminals. Defenders Defending the borders of your organization now encompasses ever-widening networks and IoT, creating the potential for misalignment within your security staff. With seemingly innocent behavior such as failing to update browsers or using exploitable software, users have now become unwitting enablers of attacks. An extended network that supports the “Internet of Things” has created an ever-increasing surface area that needs to be defended against attacks. They are highly organized, have put their expertise for sale on the black market, and are actively probing your company's vulnerabilities. With 10 billion connected sensors and devices that pass personal information and business data back and forth on the cloud, each point has become a potential vulnerability. Download Cybersecurity: A View from the Boardroom, an executive brief from Cisco, for insights into threat intelligence and how to close the gaps that exist within your security team. Shared resources or one organization Research teams and innovation Sophisticated and well-funded CxO SecOps CISOs VPVP VP Divergent opinion between leadership on security preparedness is creating optimism where there should be vigilance. Employee #20134 Company Management 59% 46%