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  1. 1. Cindy L. Christman 1 9 1 2 2 S M E R C H A N T P L . , O R E G O N C I T Y , O R 9 7 0 4 5 P H O N E 5 0 3 - 8 8 0 - 8 6 5 1 • E - M A I L : C L C 2 6 6 1 @ C O M C A S T . N E T SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • 25+ years of excellent and proven customer service and presentation skills • Leadership experience with Administrative skills • Excellent written and oral communication skills; able to handle large volumes of work quickly and efficiently. • Proven problem solving skills, troubleshooting and first call resolution and excellent guidance ability • Enthusiastic about learning new skills, systems and procedures • Able to build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with a diverse customer base • Experience creating specialized, on demand reports for Sales, customers forecasting and internal use • Able to work with confidential and sensitive information • Self starter; able to work independently as well as experience with being part of a team. • Proficiency in software applications: - Microsoft suite, including SharePoint & Word - IFS (Information Financial Systems) - Mainframe applications -Docuware -Oracle CRM on Demand -Facets SKILLS & EXPERIENCE Account Management & Customer Service Call Center • Managed over 200 accounts with average sales totaling $10 million dollars • Tracked and identified at risk customers, reviewed procedures to improve service and escalate customer concerns • Primary contact for customers’ requirements. Accepting Payments when needed. • Set up new customers and maintained large database of clients including billing/invoicing requirements • Extensive correspondence by email with Australia, Canada, and the United States • Provide detailed information on product, technical services and applications • Enter new enrollments and process all changes and/or terminations as requested by groups. Research & Analysis • Work with Sales Dept; also with Australian based Support Team to fulfill customer needs • Produce quotations containing price and availability for customers • Researched customer reported errors, identifying problems & developing correct resolution plans • Research customer return requests to determine where error occurred; and ways to prevent future errors • Credit customer returns, ensuring correct charges are credited and return is correctly filed. Order replacements • Reconcile monthly billing reporting all variances, new enrollments and terminations. Accept Payments as needed. Training & Documentation • Create detailed, written work procedures • Train new hires and serve as mentor and resource for co-workers throughout the company • Assisted with department reorganization, system migrations, and inter company customer migration. • Super User for Docuware and IFS systems WORK EXPERIENCE BLACKWELL NORTH AMERICA, Lake Oswego, OR June 1979-November 2010 Account Manager, Customer Support Department, Canada, W. United States Customer Service Representative Lead, Australia, W. Canada, W. United States, Mt. Plains Library Service Secretary Order Entry typist Receptionist MODA HEALTH, Portland, OR April 2012-current Billing & Eligibility Specialist