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What's it going to cost?

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This talk discusses the variables that determine the price of a WordPress website project. Presented at the Dallas / Fort Worth WordPress Group. More info - https://www.meetup.com/dfwwordpress/events/237055794/

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What's it going to cost?

  1. 1. What’s it going to Cost? Christopher Harris Dallas / Fort Worth WordPress Group July 28, 2018 faith growth
  2. 2. Christopher Harris Faith Growth faithgrowth.com @revrevwine christopher@faithgrowth.com faith growth
  3. 3. About Me faith growth •Former Youth Minister •Since Seminary working with Faith Growth •Built first website in 1997
  4. 4. About Faith Growth faith growth •Help make digital easy •Church Communications Consulting •Custom Websites as platforms for ministry
  5. 5. faith growth What is your budget?
  6. 6. faith growth Can’t you just tell me what it costs?
  7. 7. - Chris Lema faith growth “Most people’s budget is 2-3 times smaller than their desires or expectations.”
  8. 8. Pricing Variables faith growth •Types of Sites •Who is doing the work? •Additional features •Hosting/Maintenance/Security
  9. 9. Types of Sites faith growth • Basic Site or Blog • Professional Site • Custom Design • Online Business • I assess the complexity of site by the number of views
  10. 10. Who is doing the work? faith growth •You also known as DIY •Freelancer •Agency
  11. 11. How much is it going to cost? faith growth •Freelancer $25 - $225+ hr. •Agency $125 - $275+ hr.
  12. 12. Freelancer pros faith growth •The job is small enough for one person to handle the entire thing •Need someone to start quickly •Communication is informal •You don’t mind managing the project
  13. 13. Agency pros faith growth • You don’t risk the freelancer disappearing • You don’t want to define the project structure nor manage the project • You’re ok with a multi month project • You want a dedicated PM • Your project will require multiple folks to work on it
  14. 14. Additional Features faith growth •Email Collection •Chat •Calendar •eCommerce •Content Migration
  15. 15. Ongoing Expenses faith growth •Hosting •Maintenance •Security •New Features
  16. 16. Case Study faith growth •Northern Texas - Northern Louisiana Synod, ELCA •Pacifica Synod, ELCA
  17. 17. Christopher Harris Faith Growth faithgrowth.com @revrevwine christopher@faithgrowth.com faith growth
  18. 18. faith growth Q & A