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Data clear capabilities-statement_oct_2018

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Data Clear Capabilities Statement

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Data clear capabilities-statement_oct_2018

  1. 1. IMAGE While securing client sensitive files, Data-Clear can identify, analyze, and correlate mass consumer data sets specifically designed to expand current markets, grow new opportunities, and garner new customers through targeted email and internet marketing. Size: Small Business WOSB 8(a) Certification - #308350 DUNS: 079849182 | CAGE: 7E2S4 Control Scan Certificate of Compliance SBA Cybersecurity Training Modules 1-10 Carolyn Carlson, President | info@data-clear.com 4201 Wilson Blvd., Suite 110-265 | Arlington, VA 22203 | www.data-clear.com Core Competencies Data Hygiene and Append • Proven capable and trustworthy handling highly sensitive and PII data. • Highest levels of IT Security - your sensitive data remains secure and protected at all times. Data Analysis • Unique capability to provide high match rates. We can supplement an existing arrangement or expand outreach to a wider audience or social media connection. Email Broadcasting • Engages readers to conduct the call to action. • Owns our IP addresses, and provide robust survey functionality. Model and Profile • 305 categories cross-matched to identify the targeted constituent and demographic profile. Differentiators • Monthly updates to landline, cell or email address at best value. • Quality reputable consumer data for ethnicity, auto purchasers, health care ailments or other demographics. • Achieve 95-100% email broadcasting deliverability into in-boxes. • Enhanced premium National Change of Address that rivals competitive offering. NAICS Codes 519130 – 519190 – 523920 – 541519 541611 – 541613 – 541618 Past Performances • AM950 • AMVOTE • California State University Fresno • Entergy • Habitat for Humanity • Linden Resources • NorthStar Express Freight • Strategic Marketing Group • Tele-Town Hall • Volunteers of America • The White House