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How to manage digital transformations in large banks?

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Talk at the Agilia Prague 2018 Conference on 29th of May 2018

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How to manage digital transformations in large banks?

  1. 1. How to manage digital transformations in large banks? Christoph Schmiedinger Agilia Prague 2018, 29th of May 2018 @cschmiedinger
  2. 2. “Banking is necessary, banks are not.“ by Bill Gates (1994)
  3. 3. Banking is in the middle of disruption! Retail Telekom Automotive Banking Health Government Production Insurance
  4. 4. The answer: Agile Tech &
  5. 5. Expectations? Faster, better & cheaper? User-centric, flexible, fast feedback, empowerment & fun! ✓
  6. 6. But how to start?
  7. 7. BerlinDruck / CC-BY-SA-3.0 … better wait a second to understand one important thing!
  8. 8. Values Practices Methods Meetings Artefacts It’s all about values and principles! Principles
  9. 9. Top-Level Strategy You have to start with/by yourself! ©konradbak & stterryk @123rf.com
  10. 10. Change the ©convisum @123rf.com … and orchestrate the change!
  11. 11. Hire great people! Attitude > Skills ©arrow, kbuntu @123rf.com
  12. 12. 1) Start first initiatives 2) Support them intensively 3) Start more initiatives And of course: start initiatives!
  13. 13. Different approaches Project Initiatives / Flagship Projects Spin-offs / Digital Labs Complete Transformation ... and each approach has it advantages and disadvantages. slow, cautious, ... fast, extreme, radical
  14. 14. The setup seems to be the same… …although the impact to the line organization is different.
  15. 15. AgileTeams Business Unit Business- oriented Flat hierarchies Plenty lateral leadership Small auto- nomous teams Don’t just copy an approach blindly. No matter if from a company such as Spotify or a framework such as LeSS. No functional silos Cross- functional
  16. 16. In the end, the whole bank must be somehow agile ... which doesn‘t mean that everybody does Scrum! … but everybody (e.g. support units such as legal/call center) has to understand the values and principles of agile and has to act accordingly. ©bakhtiarzein & luckybusiness @123rf.com
  17. 17. Okay, let’s acknowledge: the organizational structure is important … but what else is important?
  18. 18. The art of leadership needs to change! Quelle: Space X (https://youtu.be/GhaD8XLoOl4) ©porteador @123rf.com
  19. 19. End-to-end Digitalization Minimum Viable Digitalization
  20. 20. Customer Journeys User Experience Fairs Maria 34 years old “Sceptic“ ø wealth: ~ 50,000,- ø gross margin: 17% favourite Channel: Desktop Personas Innovation through the eyes of the customer! ©elen1 @123rf.com
  21. 21. Design Thinking Quelle: Nordstrom Innovation Lab / https://youtu.be/szr0ezLyQHY
  22. 22. Be a Venture Capitalist! Venture Capital Funding Rounds Stage Gate Process Gate 0 Gate 2Gate 1 Gate n Initial funding approval for prototype & business case € Early Stage approval for functional working solution €€ 2 weeks 8 – 10 weeks MVP approval for minimum viable product €€€ Market launch Approval for market launch max. 6 months continuous reviews
  23. 23. … but how to tackle all this?
  24. 24. Structured change approach: