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Essential Phone Skills Training for Car Dealerships

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Is your auto dealership in desperate need of phone skills training? Click to find out more about our car dealer telephone training seminars and how to access free content to start helping your dealership today!

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Essential Phone Skills Training for Car Dealerships

  1. 1. Phone Skills Training for Car Dealerships
  2. 2. 10 Reasons Why Dealerships Fail At Answering Incoming Calls 1. No formal training 2. Using “scripts” 3. Having manager conduct the training 4. Asking a generic training company to cover telephone skills 5. Distance-based training 6. Believing that monitoring incoming calls will “train your people” 7. “Once is enough” mentality. 8. DVDs / Videotapes 9. No follow up after the training. 10. Procrastination, procrastination
  3. 3. WPP Telephone Skills Training • The best of the best physically walk into the dealership to deliver effective hands-on training. • We cover every aspect of handling incoming calls, from words first spoken by each employee to getting the customer in and everything between. • Departments we train: 1. Sales 2. Fixed Operations 3. Receptionists / Cashiers
  4. 4. Training Content • We refine our methods to be compatible with any dealership’s selling system • We don’t do scripts, but use customized word tracks that work – Words in scripts usually don’t flow with the actual conversation – A pre-formatted script is useless when the customer gets “off Script” which usually ends up happening – We coach your people to write “word tracks” that are easy to use and sound natural in phone conversations
  5. 5. Mystery Shopping • Hear what your customers hear by utilizing our mystery shopping as a standalone service or as part of our In Dealership Telephone Training • Our professional shoppers call and ask questions, and we send your dealership the audio CD • Play the CD back to your people as a training tool to help improve your dealership’s telephone skills • We utilize the CDs in our ongoing training system to reinforce what your people have learned
  6. 6. About Worldwide Phone Pops • Started as “Phone Pops” back in 1982 by Jerry Williams, a former new car dealer • Soon expanded throughout the southwest USA. (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico) • 1994 expanded outside the US and became “Worldwide Phone Pops” • 1998, the company had trained or mystery shopped its 10,000th dealership • In 2004 Jerry’s son Scott took over the company and reorganized as “Worldwide Phone Pops, LLC and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007
  7. 7. Get Your FREE 17 Minute Audio CD! To Download or Mail Order your FREE copy of “The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY of Incoming Dealership Calls” Please visit: www.phonepops.com
  8. 8. Free Consultation We invite you to “test drive” our company first with a Free, No Obligation Consultation! Email us up to three calls per department from your web-based call monitoring system OR set up our Mystery Shopping services for a low fee. We’ll review your calls with management via telephone conference and make positive recommendations for improvement. What have you got to lose? Toll Free: 800-PHONEPOP (800-746-6376) Local: 805-778-0200 Fax: 805-778-0203