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Experiential Visual Design - Qualitative Research

A presentation on qualitative research of experiential visual design. I researched and interviewed participants about interactive art installations.

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Experiential Visual Design - Qualitative Research

  1. 1. experiential VISUAL DESIGN “shaping the idea of creating experiences that connect people to a place” - SEGD society of experiential graphic design
  2. 2. how do shared multimedia experiences in the built environment PROMOTE SOCIAL INTERACTION AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
  3. 3. experiential visual design SYSTEMS lighting projections structures significance engaging promotional informative collaborative inspirational enhancing design application branding wayfinding product information motion & video interface industries public space consumer goods entertainment advertising commercial & retail architecture transportation fashion
  4. 4. political socio-economic digital culture, art museums, campus touchscreens, design school student housing, tempe marketplace, phoenix convention centerphoenix downtown, ASU campus, tempe town lake cultural/education research CONTEXT
  5. 5. research PROXEMICS structures, outdoor, large projection, stage design retail, home, tradeshows products, interfaces, materials, sensors 2 feet 4 feet 12 feet public social personal
  6. 6. research FRAMEWORK platforms personal social public environments museum park campus participants student business owner consumer factors crowding duration interaction group discussion data collection observation interview experiment synthesis effect on social interaction impact on community development user insight experiences behavior expectations future projects investigation of multi-media experiences in the built environment
  7. 7. PUBLIC light perception space time james turrell
  8. 8. public OBSERVATION “air apparent” tempe campus outdoor park
  9. 9. SOCIAL projection mapping night of the open door subtle animations
  10. 10. social OBSERVATION social interaction wayfinding branded experience entertainment community
  11. 11. PERSONAL Yayoi Kusama patterns in space experience-driven “infinity rooms”
  12. 12. PERSONAL OBSERVATION “you who are getting obliterated in the dancing swarm of fireflies” Phoenix Art Museum impact on community development in the city of Phoenix as an art piece that anyone can appreciate brings new people into the arts community and reshapes or redefines art in the area by encouraging experiential works
  13. 13. INTERVIEW Trish social extrovert who loves games visual design student previously a landscape designer interactive projections on the floor at “The Main Event” for children to play and interact fireflies exhibit is zen-like personal experience and focuses attention to the senses The community benefits by having a more successful art museum as a centerpiece for a creative community ASU Design School could add an installation to the 2nd floor courtyard to build community and social interaction ” “
  14. 14. INTERVIEW Matt tech-savvy entreprenuer web and UX developer and owner of Factor1 previously event planer and production designer architecture is becoming more experimental, allowing opporunity to utilize strange new spaces clients are asking for wasy to enhance their branded experience beyond the website demonstrates an effort by a community to try something new and to take risks quality photography and video is extremely important in an increasingly digital environment “ ”
  15. 15. INTERVIEW Mark sneakerhead who follows fashion trends visual design student previously a commercial artist ” there is a huge opportunity to improve the retail experience with multimedia installations retail experiences are meant to be social interactions in a branded environment community of sneakerheads would appreciate a stronger connection between the sneaker and the athelete projections onto shoes, video between displays, interactive backgrounds and effects when trying on shoes “
  16. 16. PERSONAS BIAXAL MAP highly social not social more excitable less excitable tech-savvy nerds trendy consumers nature lovers realists Retail How personas might relate to multimedia installations in the retail environment
  17. 17. FINDINGS from observation projections in the social space attract more crowds for shorter durations and encourage discussion installations in the public space have less crowds but people may stay longer to appreciate art installations that are personal experiences are often favorites and memorable to the viewer installations can be beneficial for branding a space to enhance the community’s purpose can also serve as a catalyst to building a stronger community by enhancing the experience and legitimizing a group of people. from interview shared multi-media experiences promote social interaction when there is something to figure out or discover some experiences are better understood individually but still promote discussion afterwards people prefer environments that are unique and blend media into the existing environment the Phoenix community is impacted when a multimedia exhibit brings more people into the creative and arts community
  18. 18. thank you