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Transportation Marketplace

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Transportation Marketplace

  1. 1. The eCapital Marketplace is your one-stop shop for everything you need to grow your business. We’ve done the research, negotiated exclusive deals, and hand picked some of the best companies in the industry to provide essential services and savings our clients won’t find anywhere else. Current services include: Loadboard Find higher-paying loads and eliminate the worry of deadheading with 30 FREE days of Direct Freight Services, the leading online load-matching service. Truck Leasing Are you looking for a semi truck, dump truck, or any other type of commercial titled vehicle to grow your business? You find it. We finance it. Tire Pressure Solutions Never worry about a flat tire again. Get 10% off comprehensive tire solutions with PressurePro. Roadside Assistance Get 24-hour breakdown assistance for trucks and trailers through predetermined, preferred rates with a comprehensive network of service providers. Tire Discounts Receive exclusive discounts on most brand-name tires without having to buy bulk. Visit eCapital.com/partners/marketplace to see the deals for you. eCapital Marketplace Everything your business needs, all in one place. As the owner of a thriving trucking company, you’re often so busy running your operation that it leaves you little time to research and find services needed to help grow your business. We get it, and have got you covered. Introducing the eCapital Marketplace. Call: 800.705.1500 | Visit: eCapital.com | Email: info@ecapital.com