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A Smarter City at Work

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Take a closer look at any large city today and you’ll find another city pulsating within it, made up of interconnected systems of many different functions and activities.

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A Smarter City at Work

  1. 1. A Smarter City at Work
  2. 2. Take a closer look at any large city todayand you’ll find another city pulsating withinit, made up of interconnected systems ofmany different functions and activities.
  3. 3. Often invisible, and taken for granted, these incrediblesystems that undergird a city stretch beyond roads,utilities, and water supplies to give us the means tomove around, maintain our environment, keep ourstreets safe, and generate new ideas.
  4. 4. And if we want to build a smarter planet — where anew level of intelligence is being infused into thesystems and technologies that make everything work —there may be no better place to start than in our cities.
  5. 5. Take a look at what’s being built into citiesaround the world.
  6. 6. Stockholm, Singapore, Brisbane andLondon are discovering that traffic isn’tjust a line of cars: it’s a web ofconnections.
  7. 7. These cities are infusing intelligence into theirentire transportation systems — streets,bridges, signs, signals and tolls. And nowthey’re seeing significant drops in congestionand pollution.
  8. 8. Everyone knows good police work relies ongood information.
  9. 9. Police in New York, Charleston, Memphisand other cities are using advancedanalytics to access and analyze billions ofrecords, evaluate and forecast crimepatterns, and take action in real time.
  10. 10. The work of water relies heavily on theability to monitor and understand vastamounts of data.
  11. 11. The District of Columbia Water and SewerAuthority is using analytics to predict how water isbeing used and improve service.
  12. 12. In city buildings, thousands of wireless sensors monitoreverything from motion and temperature, to humidity,precipitation, occupancy and light.
  13. 13. By viewing buildings as living organisms, peoplecan more easily identify problems and suggestcost-effective ways of making buildings healthierand more energy-efficient.
  14. 14. City governments are streamlining access toinformation and processes, so that everythingcan be located through one easy access point.
  15. 15. As a result, citizens can get the most out ofgovernment services quickly and easily.
  16. 16. From city command centers, cities of all sizescan get an integrated view of informationacross city departments and agencies.
  17. 17. South Bend, Indiana is using a cloud-based IntelligentOperations Center from IBM to manage its watersystem, predict the potential overflow of hazardouswastewater, and make sense of massive amounts ofcritical data at a glance.
  18. 18. To make cities truly smarter, one needs to have akeen eye for the way cities work — how all thedifferent parts function and interact.
  19. 19. The flow of traffic.
  20. 20. The rush and activities of people.
  21. 21. The blending of the old,
  22. 22. and the new.
  23. 23. And then let oneself think about all that a smartercity can be.
  24. 24. ibmcuriosityshop