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Venturosity Development DECK

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Venturosity Development DECK

  1. 1. Strategic Development For Scalable Online Success • Apps • Business • Technology Design Develop Drive making business faster
  2. 2. Business, Mobile Applications & Web Technology Development An Integrated Approach Strategic Development for Long Term Success • Project / Product Innovation • Leveraged Marketing, Social & Mobile Media • Branding, Copywriting & Paid Advertising • Advanced Technology, Testing & Metrics Our End to End Process: Discover Design Develop Deploy  Drive Demand
  3. 3. Performance Driven Results Creative, Technical, Social, Mobile Custom Web & Mobile Apps Web Design & Develop UI/UX Strategic Branding & Marketing making business faster
  4. 4. • Performance Based Marketing & Media Solutions • Software & Technology Development • Web, Mobile and Social Application • Product Branding, Marketing & Development • Experience Design & Delivery UI/UX • Media Buys and Planning Lead Generation (CPA) • Web Design & Development / Funnel Creation • Email & Content Marketing / Copywriting • Sales Channel Development & Conversion Tracking • Testing Metrics & Web Analytics Integrated Services for Diverse Project Developments
  5. 5. iPhone/Android Apps Our years of experience in iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android development provide the background needed to take on mobile development projects of significant scale and size. Through deep research we integrate focused insights for smarter and efficient builds & deployments Custom Websites & Developments We deliver perfected web developments to private entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses with targeted and branded solutions. Our focus is on scalable businesses, applications and campaigns. Paid, Social & Mobile Media Our extensive background in media buys and social marketing solutions provides an ability to deliver expansive yet targeted campaigns as a next step beyond a site or mobile app or web launch. Our Areas of Proven Expertise for Consistent Business Results
  6. 6. Full Web Site Development & Team Direction Media Program, Strategy and Video Production Co-Founder and Directed Launch of Video Platform Web Set Development + IDX Broker Integrate Web Set Development + IDX Broker IntegrateSEO, SMO + Web Application Development GUI Content & Design Strategy & Web Development National Development & Trade Alliance PartnerStrategic Development & International Launch
  7. 7. Venturosity provides a business model for progressive firms to engage projects in the areas of product development, scalable technology, visual design, web & mobile applications, and marketing campaigns, with the following goals:  Streamlined Development for Scalable Market-Ready Applications  Accelerated Formation & Launch of New Ventures  Acquire, Manage, & Scale Onshore / Offshore Resources  Leverage Branding, Marketing and Media Buys for Managed Growth End to End Solutions for Focused Collaborations
  8. 8. Social Media for 100,000 live event Social Media Program for 10M User Base Marketing & Media for live event CampaignDevelop Revenue Channel for Partner Firm Sales Funnel & CRM Database Development Marketing & Collateral Development Web Development Inventory & Commerce Systems Web Design & Development with Commerce Power Branded Launch Promotional Video
  9. 9. The Mobile App Ecosystem
  10. 10. IOS Programming Android Programming Custom Mobile Applications Custom Web Design & Development Experience Design UI/UX Marketing Strategy, Technology Paid Advertising & Media Buys Branding, Design and Video Production Social Media Strategy & Deployment Combining Technical, Creative, Strategic & Social
  11. 11. http://www.sparkscreativestudio.com/stuff/Linius_concept_video.mp4 LINIUS Brand Concept Video
  12. 12. Our Engagement Model Venturosity services engagement models are tailored to meet the diversified needs of our global customers and formalized after discovery of your business needs & expected results. Fixed Scope & Cost •Ideal for small-medium sized projects where the project scope is well defined. Time & Material •Ideal for projects where the project scope is loosely defined and tasks are constantly changing. Project Retainer •Ideal for organizations requiring a flexible approach to evolving strategy, creative, and development needs. Dedicated Resources •Ideal for organizations with projects exceeding 3+ months, and requiring full-time dedicated resources.
  13. 13. HTML5 PROGRAMMING Internet has evolved to become a highly interactive ecosystem of information sharing with the help of HTML5. With mobility coming into the picture, HTML5 played an important role in creating responsive and intuitive web pages. Moreover, it also enabled the rise of web applications along with cross platform application support. We have varied experience and well- honed skills for delivering immersive HTML5 applications on a range of platforms. Our core proficiency is to design and develop web based applications that offer inspired experience along with easy customizability. HTML5 Native Apps Mobile applications have evolved exponentially over the years. we emphasize on the performance aspect of the mobility solutions which is why our HTML5 applications offer optimal user experience. We also offer on-the-go availability of information anytime and anywhere with rich web-based applications for mobile devices independent of the platform. Our write-once run-anywhere approach helps create hybrid applications with native performance along with cross platform support. HTML5 Development Engine Streamlined Product, Process & Integration