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Evaluation Question 2

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Evaluation Q2 by Sofia Miller

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Evaluation Question 2

  2. 2. At the opening of our sequence we have use a variety of shots that reveal our main character. We start with an establishing shot where we can see Polly (main character) full body, so from this shot we can tell she’s a girl, who is very dull because of the clothes we have chosen. We then move to a close up of our main characters face and from this shot we can tell she’s a teenage girl who is around the same age as our target audience.
  3. 3. The Mis-en-scene and props are very important in showing what the people in the film represent. For example in the scene where Polly’s in the cellar you can see the nooses in the background, also the lighting is very dark suggesting it is taking place at night. Just from these two things you can tell there is something different about this young teenage girl, she is not interested in the typical things a teenage girl is interested in.
  4. 4. The Mis-en-scene is very plain all through out. Which shows that we don’t have a clear idea of what she is thinking or going through, this is good for our opening sequence as from our opening research we found that people in our target audience do not like it when too much is given away in the opening sequence. And from the props that we have used Knife, Bottle and nooses because these are very unusual things for a young teenage girl to have it intrigues people in to watching it.
  5. 5. Because there is no dialogue in our script apart from the end. It does not establish much about the representation of our main character. However from the shots that we have used you can tell the main focus is always on her throughout the film. Also as you have to list the props on the script too, from reading that you would be able to tell she is an unusual character.