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SMMCUR social media policy

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Social Media & The Law

Portraitrights and privacy
Freedom of expression
Right to reputation
Social media terms and conditions

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SMMCUR social media policy

  1. 1. #law & social media by Charlotte Meindersma | @charlotteslaw
  2. 2. #law & social media today’s program Today’s goal: start writing your own social media policy subjects: 1. copyright law and content sources 2. social media terms & conditions 3. freedom of expression and right to reputation
  3. 3. #copyright law Curaçao: Auteursverordening 1913 Auteursverordening 1913 “Het auteursrecht is het uitsluitend recht van den maker van een werk van letterkunde, wetenschap of kunst, of van diens rechtverkrijgenden, om dit openbaar te maken en te verveelvoudigen, behoudens de beperkingen, bij de wet gesteld.” author work right to make public right to copy unless law states otherwise
  4. 4. #copyright law who is the author and copyright holder? 1. person who made the creative work; or 2. the client if the client did all the creative work (art. 6); or 3. the employer (art. 7); or 4. business or organisation when they publish the work with their own name (art. 8) or sell the work to someone else. must be in writing (art. 2.2)
  5. 5. #copyright law celebrity’s on Instagram Bruno Mars posted this photo on his Instagram page, without permission from photographer Catherine McCann photo available on Getty Images for about $500,- Photographer Robert Barbera sued Ariana Grande for $25.000 per photo, or the profit she made with these photos, by posting them on her Instagram page Photo agency Xclusive-Leesued Gigi Hadid for posting thisphoto on her Instagram page.Her reaction: by posing and smilingshe is the copyright holder, not thephotographer Jennifer Lopez posted thisphoto, made by MichaelStewart, as an Instagram Story,without permission andwithout giving credit. He wantsfinancial compensation Photographer Robert Barbera sed Justin Bieber for posting this photo on his Instagram page, without giving credit
  6. 6. #copyright law what is a work? Work =author’s own intellectual creation ➡ reflects the author’s personality ➡ express his creative abilities in the production of the work by making free and creative choices
  7. 7. #copyright law license license = right to use a work make very, very clear arrangements! • describe the work • exclusive or not • local/worldwide or otherwise • print/digital/online • specific amount of time or indefinite • allowed to change the work? if yes: what are the limitations? • commercial use allowed • sub-licenses allowed (use on social media) • credits needed • etc.
  8. 8. #copyright law limitations no quotation rights or fair use in Curaçao embedding/framing content ≠ making public and is not a copy
  9. 9. #copyright law creative commons license always royalty free cc0 = public domain
  10. 10. #content sources always read the license!!! Royalty Free Paid Pexels Fotolia Wikimedia Commons Shutterstock Unsplash Adobe Stock Pixabay iStock / Getty Images
  11. 11. #social media policy how will you use work from others? • What kind of license do you need? Make a checklist • Which sources are suitable? Make a list of ‘safe’ sources • What will your policy on user generated content be?
  12. 12. #T&C’s Facebook’s rules & regulations Misconceptions •you won’t loose all your rights to Facebook •content on Facebook is not free to use for everyone •posting any statements about copyright or privacy won’t change the T&C’s you agreed with •personal data won’t be sold to advertisers, but can be used by advertisers when they advertise on Facebook
  13. 13. #T&C’s Facebook’s rules & regulations Instagram + WhatsApp Terms of Service
  14. 14. #T&C’s Facebook’s rules & regulations Community Standards
  15. 15. #T&C’s Facebook’s rules & regulations Filing complaints computers analyse the complaints first. loads of complaints about the same profile, page or post means instant suspension. it is easier to file a complaint than to fight it.
  16. 16. #content on social how to share legally How to use content on and from social media use share buttons (people agreed on that by using the service) ✓share button on FB ✓share post in story on Insta ✓repin on Pinterest ✓retweet by button on Twitter ✓share post on LinkedIn ask permission (license) from the content creator embed social content on your website
  17. 17. #content on social how to share illegally How to NOT use content on and from social media don’t download and upload don’t make screenshots and upload those don’t use background music in video’s without a license using a specific hashtag is not yet permission to use the content
  18. 18. #social media policy how will you comply with social T&C’s? • What kind of content would you like to share? Does that comply with the T&C’s? • How will you share social content? Share buttons or permission? • User Generated Content with a hashtag? How will you get the license to use the content?
  19. 19. #freedom of expression and protection of reputation article 10 ECHR • freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas • prescribed by law + necessary in a democratic society • such as: protection of reputation
  20. 20. #freedom of expression and protection of reputation freedom of expression is also right to information Case 2004: Nederlof/Amigoe vs Louisa-Godett Prime Minister of Curaçao Louisa-Godett organised a press briefing about letter from the Dutch minister of justice. Journalist Nederlof, from newspaper Amigoe told the PM that the letter was miss interpreted. The PM didn’t like that. The two had a physical fight and yelled at each other. Nederlof was no longer allowed to attend any press briefings from the PM. Judge: that’s a restriction of the right of freedom of expression
  21. 21. #freedom of expression and protection of reputation 2017: Rectification on Facebook 17 April 2017. 10 accusations about a political advisor on Curaçao in one Facebook post. With name and portrait. 20 other people tagged. There were no grounds for the accusations. Judge ordered a rectification on the Facebook profile which had to be ‘pinned’ at the top for a week, and 18 people had to be tagged. ECLI:NL:OGEAC:2017:91
  22. 22. #freedom of expression and protection of reputation 2014: Facebook Direct Message is breach of reputation Former colleague sends a DM: “It’s going all wrong.” and “Mismanagment” and “Everyone will lose their jobs. There won’t be money to pay the salaries.” There were no grounds for the statements. Therefore the right to reputation was more important than the freedom of expression. ECLI:NL:GHDHA:2014:4734
  23. 23. #protection of reputation how to react on a breach 2003. Barbra Streisand sued a photographer for the publication of this photo of her home in Malibu for violation of privacy. The photo was only downloaded 6 times (two times by her lawyers). After the lawsuit 420.000 people visited the website.
  24. 24. #social media policy how to react on a breach of reputation • How to react on negative comments delete, ignore or react (and in what way) • What to do with negative posts elsewhere on social media? File a complaint, ignore or react? • How to talk about other people and businesses online? Only positive, always neutral or negative (how to avoid breach of reputation)
  25. 25. #contentrecht @charlotteslaw foto: Arnold Reyneveld e: hello@charlotteslaw.nl t: +31 (0)70 2500 529 Twitter/FB/Insta: @charlotteslaw YouTube.com/charlotteslawnl