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Personal Branding Magazine. Professional business headshot. starupphoto.com

Y o u o n l y g e t o n e f i r s t i m p r e s s i o n
Table of Contents
What personal
will do for you	
The importance of
personal branding
Who needs personal
What personal branding
will do for you
What’s the payoff for having
powerful personal brand?
Builds credibility
Shows ...
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Personal Branding Magazine. Professional business headshot. starupphoto.com

  1. 1. BB R A N D I N G Y o u o n l y g e t o n e f i r s t i m p r e s s i o n
  2. 2. Table of Contents What personal branding
will do for you The importance of personal branding Who needs personal branding? Where to use your branded photos? Reinvent your brand personality Corporate Personal Branding Galleries Create buzz around your personal brand One photo different use The woman behind the lens Price Packages 4 6 8 10 12 15 20 23 28 30 32 3www.starupphoto.com
  3. 3. What personal branding
will do for you What’s the payoff for having a
powerful personal brand? Builds credibility • Shows your true self • Connects you with your target audience • Sets your apart from your competition • Gives you a consistent brand message across all platforms • Represents your message and values • Builds confidence When you’re distinctive, you’ll cut through the clutter. 
Potential clients will notice you. They will remember
you. And when you get it right, the right people will be
drawn, like a magnet, to work with you. - LORI (famousinyourfield.com) B R A N D I N G 4 5STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT www.starupphoto.com
  4. 4. The importance of personal branding The Message Starts
With You Branding is a marketing concept & tool • Reflects what the brand stands for • Reflects your professional reputation • What you are known for (or would like to be known for) Its professional versus personal Dr. Med. Klaus Bachfischer
 Facharzt für Orthopädie Spezielle Orthopädische B R A N D I N G 6 STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT www.starupphoto.com 7
  5. 5. Real Estate Agents • Bloggers • Consultants • Entrepreneurs • Coaches • Corporate Executives • Stylists • Interior Designers
 • Make-Up Artists
 • Chefs 
• Salons Builders • Restauranteurs • Developers • Models • Journalists • Therapists • Doctors • Lawyers • Photographers • Artists • Creators Maria Rebekka Stoehr,
 Mezzo-Soprano Who needs personal branding? To be in business today, our most
important job is to be head marketer
for the brand called YOU. -Tom Peters Actors • CEOs • Financial Planners • Chiropractors • Personal Trainers • Sales Representatives • Educators • Manufacturers • Designers • Retailers • Freelancers Everyone B R A N D I N G 8 STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT 9www.starupphoto.com
  6. 6. B R A N D I N G Where to use your branded photos? Social Media Linkedin • Facebook • Instagram • Youtube • Dating Sites • Others Website About Us Page • Contact Page • Email Newsletter • Blog • Seasonal Blog Posts • Behind the Sceens Email Email Signature Others Husband / Wife’s Desk Print Brochures • Seasonal Ads • Promotions • Advertisements • Business Card • Flyers Magazines Magazine features • Magazine Articles • Magazine Ads • Behind the Scenes • Article Contributor Newspapers Newspaper Features • Newspaper Articles • Newspaper Ads Christopher Rowe, Vice President R&D, Mars Wrigley London With the surge of social media, you have
not only the ability, but you now have the
need to manage your own reputation,
both online and in real life. -Forbes Woman,
 Feb14, 2012 10 11STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT www.starupphoto.com
  7. 7. Reinvent your brand personality with magazine-style portraits to market you, your brand, and your business Charlotte -Congrats on your numerous awards! Very well deserved I am sure. Thanks once again for the great series of photos you took for me in my new VP role. Looking forward to future work together, very best. -Giles Taylor, LinkedIn Sept 2019 Photographed as Chief Director of Design Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, now Global VP of Design for FAW Group China 12 13STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT www.starupphoto.com
  8. 8. H E A D S H O T S Corporate & Personal Branding What type of business do you need your headshots for? The corporate headshot has evolved. Today, it is very contemporary, highly styled, and it needs to immediately set you apart from your competitors. This type of “Personal Branding” is perfect for Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Business Executives, Authors, Creatives, Bloggers, Artists, Designers, and Musicians alike. It is also equally important to style hair, makeup, and wear clothing that matches your brand or type of business and to show your brand’s personality. So, let’s find out how do you want to be photographed? To create a custom look for your portraits we need to answer a few questions. What’s the style that best suits you, your brand, or type of business? Look at these images below, which of these images are you most drawn to? Corporate Executive, Business Casual, or Brand Specific. 14 15STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT www.starupphoto.com
  9. 9. Coordinate clothing with background Look for outfits that match the tones of the images you are most drawn to. Like a charcoal background with a gray dress. A light gray background with a white outfit. Pop in some color on a light or dark background. Or go dark and moody with black on black. Or do you want a combination of your brand colors for your clothing and background? How do you want your hair styled? Do you want to wear your hair up in a bun or ponytail? Hair down and behind your shoulders, in front, or off to the side? Expression & Projection How do you want to portray your brand and your business? Looking at these pictures, which of these expressions are you most drawn to? How friendly do you want to look? Big smile. Causal smile. Or no smile, I want to look strong, confident, and stoic. What mood do you want to project? Honest. Trustworthy. Or friendly with more movement and laughter. 17www.starupphoto.com
  10. 10. Do you need headshots sized for your social media pages and website? Once you've chosen your favorite portraits and I can format them for you to use on all your social media pages. Square crops for all of your profile images on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Extend the backgrounds on your images for your Facebook or your website banners giving you plenty of room to add your logo and some text. These are items that can be added to our headshot service and customized to fit your needs. P R O F I L E B A N N E R S 18 19STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT www.starupphoto.com
  11. 11. G A L L E R I E S Do you need images of your products for your Social Media, Blog, or Website? What visual platform are your using the most to attract clients? I can help you maximize your social branding by curating images of your products so you can share them on your Instagram, Pinterest, or post to your blog, or website. Show your brand’s story with images that are clean and dynamic, that help attract, entice, and “speak” to your audience. 20 STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT 21www.starupphoto.com
  12. 12. Create a buzz around your personal brand Kick your image management up a notch–with a customized personal branding portrait session. Starupphoto produces stunning profile images to use for your business card, website, social media and other print marketing materials. Portraits that could double as covers for a High-Fashion or Fortune 500 magazine. We start with a consultation to get to know you, and your brand personality. We then customize a portrait session around you. We’ll choose 3 outfits for you to change into durring your session. Our stylist team will create that polished, professional look and get you camera ready. Then it’s onto your portrait session where you will be gently coached into poses that flatter you that will showcase your brand product or service. At your viewing, choose from up to 25 portraits that best represent you and your brand. Any image you purchase includes a digital version for your online marketing. Timothy Thomas, Head of School, Munich International School 23www.starupphoto.com
  13. 13. One photo – several purposes A single portrait can be cropped, resized and clipped for used in many different graphic designs and for different media. This service is included in the top package at Starupphoto. Below is shown how we can crop the same photos to different use. In this example I have used the same photo to place my subject into different for him braded environments. Here is a so-called "hero" images that are popular in the design of websites. In this picture I have extended the picture with more white wall, to the right, in this way it is now easy to use the picture in connection with text, items in the top of a web page. Here, the original photo is cut close and used as eye-catcher as cover for, for example, an online product, an (online) magazine cover or a book cover or a social media stop effect photo. On social media, you need to create "stop effect" to catch the attention of all the many posts you are exposed to in a news feed. And exactly that, you can do with pictures by combining it with graphics and text. Anne Novarra Photography: Charlotte Starup Makeuo: Nadine Gamble BUSINESS PORTRAITS 28 STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT
  14. 14. The woman behind the lens Lawyers, doctors, coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and come to me for beautiful marketing photos. They love their photos but the common feedback I get is how their photo shoot experience with me made them feel. Common words in my many reviews include, “she made me feel comfortable”, “it was relaxed”. She is professional, uncomplicated, connected, patient, passionate, kindhearted, talented, easy to work with and more. It is not uncommon that the experience of a photoshoot with me actually changes the way my clients view themselves. “It was the most transboundary experience of my life” is one of my favorite descriptions from a google review of mine. Another one said “I feared this so much but am ready to book another session with Charlotte” A B O U T A B O U T I know everyone can be photographed in “A” best way and I am ridiculously passionate about making my clients happy and LOVE their photos. As one online review states.... ”Charlotte does not settle until you are 100% happy”. Hence my 100% Happiness Guarantee which you can read about later. I have been awarded 22 times within the last two years including praises for my branded headshots. My full-service studio in the picturesque town of Starnberger See south of Munich includes hair and makeup service and a full studio wardrobe. My brand is exclusive, luxurious, contemporary, functional and fashionable.... can you tell from my branded photos? I invite you to a photoshoot with me and I promise to show you the best photos of you that you have ever seen. Warm regards, 31www.starupphoto.com30 STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT
  15. 15. P R I C E P A C K A G E S P R I C E P A C K A G E S You & Your Company / Product and Interior Employees Only € 4000 Professional pictures for your home page. Visual expression and identity of your company. This is for the person or company who needs: Visual communication affects your customers emotionally. Pictures that clearly communicate your brand and support your messages. Pictures that will attract even more customers to your business, because the images support your potential customers' identity narrative, belly feeling and the rational arguments that determine who we are dealing with. The price of employee portraits may vary depending on the scope and style of the assignment on portrait photos, and thus how much time is required for the task. Below you will find a price example of photographing 30 employee portraits. Startup € 250 Price per portrait photo € 90 • Makeup & Hair Styling • Plan for photo session, location spotting • Consultation, planning meeting, visual mood board, suggestions for locations for photography, input to props etc. • Advice on the image style and image type for your customer type • Review of website, Visual mood board, detailed. • An image series that includes portrait photos, work situation pictures, mood images and Action and Detail images from your business. • Professional sparring in relation to which images and how you can use them in your marketing channels. • Employee Portraits • Photography on a suitable background in the company or on a white background. • Online gallery so employees can choose from 3-4 pictures themselves Contact me to get your personalized offer for employee portraits. • More Hours Shooting, More Backgrounds & Light Setups, Wardrobe changes / Looks • Online gallery with up to 50 different images you can choose from • Photo session in your surroundings that can be both indoors and outdoors • As many changes of clothes that we manage within the scheduled time. • Extended image editing, eg extension of images to "header banners". Different crops for different media. • Studio or on location session / Second location • Video for social media • Design and printed Marketing piece 10 pages • Business card design and layout 200 printed • 1 digital portrait photo per person in (72 dpi) in color • Professional editing and retouching • Prices are incl. VAT 32 33STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT www.starupphoto.com
  16. 16. All packages come with 100% Happiness guarantee • Various Poses Sitting, Standing, Leaning • Post Session in Studio consultation • Pre-shoot consultation and tips of advice will be mailed to you P R I C E P A C K A G E S Delux Branding You € 2400 Branding You € 700 Headshot You € 199 We photograph in studio or on location according to agreement. Prior to shooting, you are styled by a professional makeup and hair stylist. This is basically the same as the Delux Lifestyle and Branding Session (see previous page) only with less included photos, hours shot and wardrobe changes. Marketing materials & employees photos are add-ons. Pruning and customizing image according to your wishes. We photograph in studio or on location according to agreement. Prior to shooting, you are styled by a professional makeup and hair stylist. This photo package includes: This is for you who simply need one or two headshots. We photograph in studio and you come ready to go. You can book hair and make up at your wish. • Professional makeup & hair styling (about 1 hour) • 5 portrait photos in color & black & white, for print and web • 3 sets of clothes / 3 looks • 1 portrait photos in color & black & white, for print and web • 1 sets of clothes / 1 looks • 2 backgrounds • As many backgrounds as we can manage • Ca. 2 hours of photography • Pruning and customizing image according to your wishes. • 1 hour photography • Additonal Photos can be purchased in sets of 1, 3, 6 or 10. 34 STARUPPHOTO • BOOK YOUR SHOOT
  17. 17. Call to book your portrait session today! 01733467454 www.starupphoto.com Haupstrasse 19A, 82319, Starnberg, Germany