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The quintessential sales man by Charles Chika A, Okah MNIM

  1. The Quintessential Sales Man By Charles Chika A. Okah MNIM 2017
  2. INTRODUCTION  Over the years, it has been proven that Sales is not for the faint of heart. Whether it’s selling a bottle of water, cloths at a store, and a new car to a newly promoted manager or a company, selling a house to a family or pitching a startup to investors etc. making that sale depends on the skill, appearance, confidence knowledge and enthusiasm of the salesperson. Quite frankly, not all of us have those characteristics in us. There is a saying that “salesmen are born, not taught”. Well, not exactly. Undoubtedly, there are natural talents, but can you can learn these characteristics and be just as successful? Yes you can!  A true quintessential salesperson has the following characteristics that they use consistently to succeed in making those important sales
  3. Planning & Preparation  Planning & Preparation is one of the most important element of a quintessential salesman. The saying that “He who fail to plan, plans to fail “is quite true. The day’s objectives should be well planned based on the previous call visit, sales tools etc. which leads to a good structured call .  I was at the induction class of NIM –Abuja recently and was surprised when the President and Management singled me out to speak to the newly inducted Professional managers without prior notification! The quintessential Sales Man in me took over, I saw in the faces of the participants expectation of what being an NIM member can offer them. But I also saw in some of them the question of how the membership can impact on their lives. I deliberately chose the topic – Planning and Preparation –a key to being a successful manager. The talk opened their eyes to areas that have been so neglected and has greatly impacted negatively on their careers. The presentation made such an impression and change that I ended up giving out my Phone number to a lot of the participants who wanted to learn more and also wanted me to mentor them going forward. Planning and Preparation which has steps could make you that super sales man that you have always dreamed about….
  4. Respectful  Treating customers like king is a sure way of retaining customer base. I have noticed that most customers that do repeat purchase from a particular outlets do because of the way that they were treated and respected.  The founder of Search metrics, Marcus Tober, states that “our top sales reps, respect our customers' time above all else. You have to make sure that your customers and potential customers are treated like gold." Part of doing this is making sure that they have time and you schedule time for work. People want the bottom line. Old tactics don't work. People are busy, respect their time above all
  5. Initiative  Initiative skill is one of the skill that stands out any good sales man. It is important that an effective and efficient sales rep who wants to grow in the industry develops this skill. You have to think outside the box and on your feet! The quintessential Sales reps don’t wait for orders. They create it!  They’re go-getters and take matters into their own hands. Being disciplined like this helps salesmen to stay on track. If something has to be sold, there is a way to do it. The salesman will do what it takes to sell the product. Learn to like the product better, compliment where appropriate (even if they hate it at first), learn how to mirror to connect, then actually care about the connection.
  6. Listening Skill  The importance of Listening skill can not be over emphasized . To be an outstanding sales rep that win in trade ,you need to develop your listening skill. In a conversation with a customer -always ask your self “ AM I Really Listening”  Listening to a customer can ensure that you ask the right question and further engage the customer that will lead to opening opportunity to make a sale. Customers tend to connect more to Sales Reps that listen to them  American Express’ OPEN Forum says that the best sales people ask their clients and customers “why they want something done.” When you listen to your clients/customers, you find out what they want and need, and how to make that happen. If you don't know exactly how to make happen what your client has asked for, be absolutely sure that there is a way. You just haven't found it, yet
  7. Persistence  Persistency is one strength that every sales have got to have .If you don’t have it, you have to develop it .Your performance is tied to your delivery and to deliver on set goals ;You have to have thick-skin to be a salesperson. Why? Because you’re going to become very familiar with the word “no.” You have to be confident and persistent if you want to remain involved with sales. The public is done with the hard sell. However, the average person is not done with extreme kindness, even if you are irritating. "Hello, yes, I'm calling you back because I know you didn't mean to hang up on me." / I guess you are busy right now ,when can I call you back for a chat ! The Quintessential sales man doesn’t take NO for an answer!
  8. Coachable  Being coachable is having the willingness to learn from anyone! either your colleagues, Line manager, Coach or a mentor .According to Mark Roberge from HubSpot, experience isn’t nearly as important as coachability for predicting successful reps. Being energetic, willing to learn and having the ability to adapt are all a part of being “coachable.” Coachable means an early adopter of the suggestion. If you are asked to do things in a certain way, do it that way, Try it and learn from it , even if it's something you have always done a different way. Brainstorm in your one-on-one with you coach.  Our coaches tend to open our eyes to opportunities that we tend to ignore or we are too familiar with  While on Sales accompaniment with one of my very experienced sales Rep.I observed that he has not be coming with a sample material of the new product that we just lunched during presentation, thereby struggling to make an impression on the customer, in my sales call review with him ,I coached him on that and guess what he took it on and we were able to achieved 50% above what we have earlier planned in our call objective for the day.  The question is are you coachable?. The Quintessential sales man is ever willing to learn and ready to try something new in order to achieve set goals. So grow and be the revered sales rep that you have always dreamt about ,be coachable!
  9. . Positive  Who would you rather make a purchase from? ..The Cheerful and positive minded go-getter or the depressed downer? ……….  Having a positive attitude and being cheerful makes it easier to approach customers and keep their attention until after you’ve made the sale. This positive attitude exudes from a person. If you've got a really bad scene going on at home, stuff it! I mean, stuff it! Learn to compartmentalize the aspects of your life. Your work life is positive. Try some psychology, smile, jump up and down, breathe, do what you have to to be positive  To be Continued……