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OTC Device presentation

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OTC Device presentation

  2. 2. Note when the Device Request Form is NOT complete NO devices will be provided. Date of installation – Indicate when the device should be installed Site name – Where is the site based/ what is the site name. Atm number – ATM number will be assigned to the device in order for the custodian to send an sms for a code. Run number – To provide the run number will enable OTC Administrator to load the permissions correctly. Service Model – “Optimisation” – FNB, NED, ABSA, U BANK – “Conversion” SBSA machines Door Type – Indicate the door type “steel/wooden” Type of installation – Indicate whether it is an “Door” or “Safe” in order to load it correctly on the system. Client - Note that the “Banks "is the client and SBV is the service provider.
  3. 3.  The courier address is very important!  SBV have Cash centres as well as CIT centres.  Therefore the controller must ensure that the address is correct.  In order for the device (parcel) to be delivered correctly.  For TCT collection indicate the following in the address block :  “To be collected by TCT”
  4. 4.  Note that the date of request cannot be the same day of installation.  Process of sending a device:  Programing of the device  Assigning the device on the system  Add the device/devices on the stock list  Arrange a technician for installation.  Pack & Shipment of the device.  Create form for receiving/collecting of the devices.  Devices must be ordered in the following time range 05:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  5. 5.  ATM Controller must provide all the details.  Name & Surname of the controller  Contact number must be provided in order for the OTC administrator to provide the contact details to TCT.  If there is more than one ATM controller using the same contact number, the controller requesting must provide all the ATM controllers names.
  6. 6.  Note that the day of installation must be stated.  The site name must be correct.  The ATM number must be correct, for system programming.  The Run number of the custodian must be provided in order to load permission's. NB!!!  Service model: Optimisation/Conversion.  Door type: Wood/Steel.  Type of installation: Cubical Door/ATM Safe/Deposit Door.  Client: SBV,SBSA,ABSA,NED,FNB,COIN“3RD PARTY” U BANK
  7. 7.  The ATM controller/Client must send a request “OTC device request form "to the OTC administrator at otcadmin@sbv.co.za and Charlemaignes@sbv.co.za .  NO device will be send without an email.“No verbal instructions will be accepted” under any circumstances.  The administrator will then check if all the details are complete on the “OTC device request” before processing a device/devices.  When all details are checked and correct the administrator will go to the store room to collect the devices and then program the devices on the system accordingly.  The device/devices will be packed in a box “depend on the amount of “devices” or in a package.  The package/box will have a courier label on with the centre’s address already printed.  Inside every parcel will be a form that the centre must sign in order for the OTC administrator to keep record.
  8. 8.  Inside every box or package will be a form for the centre to sign to confirm that they have received their device/devices.
  9. 9.  Once all the devices had been programmed and packed.  The OTC administrator will take the box/package for courier to the centre requesting.  The boxes will then get a label on with a Tracking number, Overnight pink sticker & Fragile label.  The OTC administrator will then supply the centres with the tracking number via email.  In the same mail the OTC administrator will also ask TCT technician to attend when the device/devices arrived on site to do the requested installations.  If the centre requested that TCT must collect the device/devices from the OTC administrator they must indicate the information on the “OTC device request form” at the courier address.  TCT also needs to sign the same form as the centres for confirmation of receiving the device/devices.  The ATM controller can also track the parcel by phoning:  UTI – 010 222 1085
  10. 10.  THE Atm Controller/Client must send a email. (Use the OTC device request form)  The Atm Controller/Client must provide all the necessary details.  Old device number.  Site name.  Atm number.  Reason for the swap out.  Run number.  Service model.  Door type.  Type of installation.  Client
  11. 11.  THE Atm Controller/Client must send a email. (Use the OTC device request form)  The Atm Controller/Client must provide all the necessary details.  Old device number.  Site name.  Atm number.  Reason for the removal.  Run number.  Service model.  Door type.  Type of installation.  Client
  12. 12. The OTC administrator will inform the TCT tech via email of the: Swap out/removal The supplier “TCT technician” will go to site and remove the OTC lock on site. TCT technician will deliver the removed OTC lock to the OTC administrator. If the site is to far the ATM controller can also courier the device to:  Cnr 11th Avenue and 8th Street  Houghton  Johannesburg  2196 ATT: Charla The OTC administrator will record the OTC lock on the stock list. The OTC administrator will update the system accordingly.
  14. 14.  The OTC administrator will inform the TCT team when there is a “New Installation”.  The OTC administrator will forward the clients request to the TCT team.  TCT will then wait until the device arrived on site to do the installation as per clients request.  OTC Technician will install the OTC lock as per client requirements.  The Technician will complete the installation on the ATM safe door and /or cubicle door, take a photo of before and after installation.  When the installation has been completed,The Custodian must verify and ensure that the installation was done in accordance with the specification
  15. 15.  TCT have a Job Card with them, when they do installations.  The Job Card contains the following information:  Client Name:  Address:  Contact Person:  Date:  Technician:  Service Request: THE JOB CARD WILL BE SIGNED OFF BY THE CUSTODIAN OR ATM CONTROLLER THAT WAS on SITE TO SEE IF THE DEVICE IS WORKING CONSEQUENTLY.
  16. 16. Centre will send a request to the OTC Administrator otcadmin@sbv.co.za and CC Cherlemaignes@sbv.co.za . The OTC Administrator will then forward the request to TCT Kamal@tct.co.za from TCT to request a quote. When the quote is received from TCT, then the OTC Administrator will forward the quote to the center requesting. The center requesting the purchase will load the order on Fraxion and then provide the Otc Administrator with a (PO). The OTC Administrator will provide TCT with the PO from the center. TCT will then provide the OTC Administrator with the ordered stock. The OTC administrator will courier the ordered stock to the center that requested.
  17. 17. When a centre accurse difficulties on a D-key The centre must inform the OTC administrator via email. The ATM Controller must confirm on the email what the error on the D-key is. The OTC Administrator will inform TCT of the faulty D-key. The centre must courier the faulty D-key to the OTC administrator. TCT must replace the Faulty D-key. Once the OTC administrator received the D-key from the centre, then the OTC administrator will send the replacement D-key to the centre.