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Top tips for lone communicators

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Kirsty Marrins, Trinity College London
Communications on a shoestring conference

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Top tips for lone communicators

  1. 1. Top Tips for Lone Communicators
  2. 2. How often do you feel like this?
  3. 3. Survey Results• Majority work in a charity with 10 or less employees followed by 11 – 50 employees• 39% felt they should be paid more with 36% saying they are paid in line with the sector. 21% felt they are paid less than the sector average with only 3% saying they’re paid above sector average• 73% responsible for all Comms including Marketing and 25% responsible for all Comms except Marketing• 58% said they felt supported in their role with 73% saying that Comms was valued in their organisation
  4. 4. Positives• Varied role• Autonomy to get on with things• Responsibility and ownership• Telling people’s stories and crafting messages
  5. 5. Negatives• Lack of understanding about my role• Not enough time to give each aspect the priority it deserves• Lack of colleagues or peers to bounce ideas off of
  6. 6. Time Intensive
  7. 7. My Top Five Time Saving Tips• Let your supporters do your PR• Set up Google Alerts• Manage Social Media through one account• Keep up-to-date with technology and sector developments• Don’t meet!
  8. 8. At the bottom of the priority list
  9. 9. Practical Tips for Reporting• Take yourself out of the office• Don’t be afraid to ask for help• Use a template but customise!• Make your reporting meaningful• Use insights gained from your reporting to build a business case
  10. 10. “Teach me and I’ll forget Show me and I may remember Involve me and I’ll understand.” Chinese Proverb
  11. 11. My Top Five Tips for Lone Communicators1. Clarify and establish your Role3. Set priorities and stick to them5. Attend free events7. Establish a network of peers9. Keep Calm!
  12. 12. That’s all Folks! Kirsty Marrins News and Social Media Executive Trinity College London Kirsty.marrins@trinitycollege.co.uk @LondonKirsty