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Brand audit catalogue

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Brand audit catalogue

  1. 1. guaranteea complete corporate brand makeovera detailed &itemized layout
  2. 2. Dear valued client,There’s a reason we’re called Corposites.com; we know the value of a proper corporate branding. And,we also understand the challenges that every small business owner faces when starting, managing,expanding or selling a business. Regardless of what your product or business is, brand recognition is thesingle most important tool to success. Creating a lasting, easily-recognizable and distinct brand willinfluence your target market, and permit your business to flourish.Concepts like identity design can often seem ambiguous or hard to pin down, but at Corposites.com, weunderstand what excellent identity design entails. We are much more than simply a web design firm, aswe offer a full range of design services. We can help you answer tough questions like, “who are we as acompany?” and “where are we going?” and then represent those answers visually. From logos topackaging and content building, we have expertise in the full range of visual representations of acompany’s identity.At Corposites.com we begin any branding or logo design by asking questions. We get to know yourtarget audience. Get into their shoes and understand what will appeal. If you are a start-up company,should you look like one? If you are a law firm should you appear as if you have been around forever? Ifyou make widgets, do you want to look like the industry leader? Once we understand your audience wecan start communicating with them and make you look like the company you are going to become.Your corporate branding is essentially what people think about you, how they respond, what actionsthey take and what subconscious image they retain of your business. In other words your brand is whatother people say about you when you have left the room. Your logo design is the figurehead for yourbrand, the identifier by which you should stand head and shoulders above the competition. Yourmessages may be complex but the way you communicate them needs to be simple.Give Corposites.com a call today to find out how we can work together to win customers over to yourside. Let’s face it, branding happens whether you want it to or not - make sure you are in control of it.Warm Regards,Nazmul KarimManager, MarketingGonona Technologies LimitedLevel 3, Parkwest,37 Shuhrawardi Avenue,Baridhara Diplomatic Zone.,Dhaka- 1212, Bangladesh.
  3. 3. Who we areWe are a collective group of creative designers, developers, and programmers from around theglobe specializing in the field of corporate IT solution. We are very proud of our team’sdiversity, as we have members from Europe, Asia, and Australasia. Even though we do notshare the same homeland, our vision is perfectly in harmony from one another. We promise todeliver you corporate creativity at its best.What we doAt CorpoSites.com we promise to deliver you corporate creativity at its best. We displayprofound professionalism when it comes to establishing your corporate identity. Whether it isvia designing a website, logo, business card, brochures, or even a letterhead; we are fullycommitted to a total client satisfaction approach. In addition to inspiring creativity, our soundtechnical knowledge enables us to provide unique corporate solutions in IT field. Ourexperience in working in wide range of platform enables us to choose the best technicalsolution for you. From creating a professional website to prove a found ground on yourbusiness, or developing a web application to streamline your business and management, weaim to build a name through rich user experience through user friendly, intuitive, and cuttingedge solutions.Why we do itCreativity is what pays our bills. We are an organization that believes in integrating creativitywith discipline to provide professional level of service to corporate clients. With professionaldesigners from UK and international project experience with renowned clients, we promise tobring you nothing less than the finest IT service that an organization can offer.
  4. 4. Brand Audit QuestionnaireI. Brand ProfileThe following questions refer to the brand as the collective set of communications, attitudes,beliefs and practices that define the company.A. History of Branding/Marketing Efforts1. What if any past marketing or branding efforts have been undertaken? Please explain indetail and create a timeline if necessary.2. How would you rate the success of each of these efforts?3. What lessons were learned from these past efforts?4. What are the strengths and weaknesses you associate with the current state ofmarketing/branding at your company?B. Brand Evaluation1. In what ways do you hope a revitalized branding effort will impact your business?2. What are the primary financial, planning and development goals of the company thisyear? In the next 5 years?3. What are your brand’s core values and beliefs?C. Brand ProfileThere are four key components to designing or redesigning an existing brand: Target Audience, BrandEssence, Brand Promise and Brand Personality. The Target Audience is covered in the next section.Brand Essence is the “heart and soul” of the brand and is often expressed in a tag line. Do you have anyideas for articulating this? If yes, please list them below.Brand Promise declares the relevant differentiating benefits the brand promises to deliver to its targetaudience. Do you have any ideas for articulating this? If yes, please list them below.Brand Personality is the description of your brand as if it were a person. How would you describe yourbrand using keyword descriptors, as if it were a human personality?(Please list at least 10 keywords.)__________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________II. Customer ProfileThe following questions will ask you to provide responses based on what you know or understand aboutyour customers. Most businesses have more than one type of customer. However, for our purposes,your responses should represent the majority or prevailing view of your customer base.1. Develop a customer profile that includes patterns or trends you’ve observed. Core values and beliefs Personal and professional goals General fears and concerns Leisure activity Work activity General lifestyle description Age Attitudes and practices of investing2. Define your customer’s personality in keywords (please list at least 10 keywords).__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. Do you know where your customers get their information about the services you provide?Yes___ No___. If yes, through what mediums?4. Do you know which of these sources “carry the most weight” for them?Yes ___ No ___. If yes, please explain.5. Do you fully understand how customers experience your services when using them? Do you knowwhat emotions the experience evokes, how it makes them feel and think?
  6. 6. 6. Are you aware of any problems customers encounter when they use your services?7. Do you know why customers chose your brand over others?8. Do you know why certain prospects chose another brand over your own?9. Do you know which kinds of customers are the most valuable to your company?10. Do you understand the decision making process of your customers organizations and how to reachdecision makers?11. Do you know what customers say about your brand or services when they recommend or discussthem to others?12. How do you receive input from customers on the company’s services, staff or other issuesconcerning your relationship with customers?13. How do you acknowledge this input from customers?III. Competition Profile1. Have you identified your brand’s primary competitors? If yes, please list them below.2. Have you conducted a careful analysis of each of your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats? If so, please provide a basic profile of each competitor that reflects youranalysis.3. Do you know where your competitors are most vulnerable? If yes, please explain.4. Do you know how loyal your customers are and why?5. Does someone in your organization track competitor news on a regular basis?6. Do you offer any key benefits that your competitors do not?7. Does your brand promise to fulfill an unmet customer need that is not being served by thecompetition?8. Do you know what benefits your competitors’ brands own in consumers’ minds?