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Ceramic speed sport brochure 2015

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Our 2015 brochure where you can read more about our core products and why you should choose Ceramic Speed products for your team/cycle.

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Ceramic speed sport brochure 2015

  1. 1. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES THE RIGHT BICYCLE GEAR MAKE? ROAD · OFF-ROAD · TRI FREE SPEED 8-14 HOW TO SAVE W A T T S It all began with a vision. A vision so strong and so precise, it became revolutionary. Setting world records and leading standards were something that derived from the very beginning of CeramicSpeed’s story. Jacob Csizmadia set the records and the standards. He became the first person to exceed 500 km, on in-line skates within 24 hours; he did so having hand constructed his own ceramic bearings. Later on, Jacob became interested in cycling and introduced ceramic bearings to the cycling industry in 2000. In 2004, the company was officially founded and from there, it took off. Today, CeramicSpeed is the leading company which solely focuses on producing bearings and optimised chains for the cycling industry. Many World Tour teams and professional triathletes around the world benefit from the free speed and the performance advantage that our bearings offer. We personally supervise upgrades of bicycles for professional World Tour teams and individual racing enthusiasts around the world. A remarkable story, which has led to free speed, better performance and victories for a huge number of teams and athletes around the world. Jacob’s passion for setting records and leading standards is just part of CeramicSpeed’s DNA. V I C T O R Y Supervise upgrades of bicycles for professional World Tour Teams and racing enthusiasts around the world THE STORY BEHIND FREE SPEED Headquarters CeramicSpeed Noergaardsvej 3 7500 Holstebro Denmark Phone +45 97 40 25 44 sport@ceramicspeed.com ceramicspeed.com Take advantage of the CeramicSpeed products around the world Part of the Victory INCREASE YOUR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE ©GruberImages ©Bettiniphoto.net
  2. 2. I want to be the first to cross the finishing line so every second counts. It is necessary to constantly optimise my training, my nutrition and my gear. When my bike is fully upgraded with the best gear on the market, it really motivates me. It is amazing riding with CeramicSpeed Bearings. I feel the difference in less rolling resistance and I am able to maintain a higher speed. This is crucial for reaching my maximum performance. Alberto Contador · Team Tinkoff-Saxo Part of the Victory 0302 Physical fitness and equipment choice are essential parts of performance in sport. Finding those extra few seconds of effort, bridging the gap between winning and losing, all require gains, small gains that make a big difference. When it comes to bicycle components, the visible and invisible, small and large, all play an equally important part in how well your bike performs. Paying attention to the hidden parts is a proven, often unrecognized way to obtain the upper hand. By supplying the world’s best bearings with the lowest friction and at the same time extended lifetime, CeramicSpeed gives you the opportunity to save watts and enhance your performance as a rider. We want you, as well as our teams, athletes and high-end bicycle manufacturers, to succeed. The aim is to give you all a fantastic bike experience, a joyful ride where you use your energy in the best possible way. We look forward to welcoming you to the growing number of CeramicSpeed users worldwide and to becoming “Part of the Victory”. The aim is to give you all a fantastic bike experience and to enhance your performance ©Bettiniphoto.net
  3. 3. 0504 When developing CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets, our focus is on delivering the lowest possible friction combined with an extended lifetime. The bottom brackets increase drivetrain stiffness and provide the very best in power transfer. Bottom brackets are available for all standards, using cups constructed from lightweight aluminium. The bearings inside are produced with the unique CeramicSpeed Balls with an extreme impact strength, roundness, smoothness and hardness. These components offer you bottom brackets where extremely low friction and enhanced lifetime go hand in hand. With more than 150 types of bottom brackets, CeramicSpeed products fit almost all standards available on the market. The bottom brackets are also available with coated bearings. The coated version provides further reductions in friction while reducing wear and increasing resistance to water and dirt contamination. More high-end bike manufacturers are using CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets as the products deliver noticeable results. The ability to see and feel how freely the crank spins when ridden is the perfect demonstration of free speed. CeramicSpeed produces complete bottom bracket products available for road, off-road or triathlon disciplines. See our bottom bracket matrix on ceramicspeed.com under the Techlab section. This table shows the savings you can achieve with a complete CeramicSpeed bearing upgrade (wheel bearings, pulley wheels and bottom bracket - UFO chain savings are not included) For detailed test information, please go to ceramicspeed.com Bottom Brackets “To succeed in winning an Ironman, I need to have extreme endurance and the best equipment I can get; this comes down to the smallest parts. To keep performance at a peak for many hours, any watt I can save is crucial. This is exactly why riding CeramicSpeed Bearings motivates me. It helps me ride faster or use less energy.” Frederik Van Lierde Ironman World Champion 2013 Time saved (40 km/h) 0:50 min 1:52 min 3:45 min Time saved (32 km/h) 2:00 min 4:30 min 9:00 min Distance (km) 40 90 180 Increase your maximum performance Time saved (48 km/h) 0:25 min 0:55 min 1:50 min ©WimCottyn When optimising your bike, it pays off to focus on every detail, especially on the small parts inside your bike. These parts play an important role when you want to maximise your performance. The unique technology behind CeramicSpeed Bearings allows a rider to hit faster speed or to save energy. Testing shows a 6 to 9 watt saving with CeramicSpeed Bearings in hubs, pulley wheels and bottom bracket, in comparison to a set of standard bearings. It is a claim backed up by testing and achieved due to the high quality components, unique CeramicSpeed Balls and application of precise knowledge. Your total savings are upgraded even further when using a CeramicSpeed UFO Chain. This will add between 2-5 watts to your total energy savings, completing your competitive advantage up to 14 watts. Join the growing group of World Tour riders and pro triathletes taking advantage of watt saving bearings and optimised chains. 8-14 S A V E W A T T S
  4. 4. 0706 Low friction makes the wheels spin Low friction matters and it is not a myth anymore. It is all about the riding experience, where friction plays a natural part in the way your bike performs. Paying attention to the small parts on your bike gives you the opportunity to save energy or ride faster, without compromising your energy levels. The all-important feature, low friction, becomes your competitive advantage. Marginal gains make a significant difference. There are several parts on your bike, which can help you ride faster while using less energy. When activated, these almost invisible parts can change forever the way you ride. Low friction in your bottom bracket, pulley wheels, hubs and chain, will make you ride smoother and faster, at the same time achieving a better biking experience. When you start riding with CeramicSpeed, your power savings are real. We don’t like wasting energy, either yours or ours, so the gains we promise are the gains delivered. ©KoruptVision The CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheel System (OSPW System) is a proof of innovation and performance specially crafted for the cycling world. The new OSPW System sharpens the dragless spin of your drivetrain by smoothly guiding your chain to achieve the minimum friction possible. The CeramicSpeed 17-tooth OSPW System increases your power savings by at least 2.4 watts. This unique system has been developed for optimal gains and delivers unrivaled frictional power savings. Available for Shimano 10s and 11s road, the oversized pulleys are produced from a lightweight aluminium material. Each oversized pulley wheel is fitted with lightweight CeramicSpeed Bearings and an aerodynamic cage, made from a special polyamide and carbon fiber compound. The OSPW System combines the lowest friction with unmatched lifetime. Tested by the independent US test laboratory, Friction Facts, the results came out with the undisputable 60 % less frictional energy losses compared to the most used 11s standard pulleys on the market. Detailed information is available on ceramicspeed.com Oversized Pulley Wheel System
  5. 5. 0908 ©IrmoKeizer Longevity pays off Why settle for performance only? Whether you are a professional or an amateur, we know riding is a lot about speed. Improved speed and performance for that matter, also means consistent attention to your bike maintenance. The way you care for your bike and the components you choose to use, impacts riding performance. Low friction performance alone does not mean the best bike experience - longevity plays a vital role as well. Combining these two things into one product is what gives our product development the upper hand. From the very beginning both factors have been an integrated part of the CeramicSpeed philosophy. Without compromising quality, we decided to break the norm. Road and lab tests proved that your CeramicSpeed bearing upgrade lasts between 3 to 5 times longer than other bearings on the market. Thanks to our know-how, CeramicSpeed Balls and carefully chosen high quality components we achieved a unique combination of lightweight, low friction and unmatched longevity. Like most things, your bike and your CeramicSpeed products require maintenance. All bearings do. The difference is that with proper maintenance you will often find that CeramicSpeed Bearings achieve a longevity of over 5 times longer compared to your old bearings. Our up to 6 years warranty is a promise to that. “Mountain bikes are exposed to extreme conditions such as rain, dust and mud. This is very tough on our gear and normally we need to replace bearings on a regular basis. This is not the case with CeramicSpeed Bearings; with normal maintenance the bearings just keep spinning and spinning.” Bart Brentjens 1st Olympic Champion Mountainbike, Team BETCH.nl Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team The CeramicSpeed Bearings, found inside our pulley wheels, virtually eliminate the drag normally associated with standard pulley wheels. CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels guide the chain in its ideal line while performing smooth and precise shifting. At the highest RPM, pulley wheels on a road bike spin 4-5 times faster than the bottom bracket (depending on gear ratio and speed). Therefore, low friction is extremely important in your pulley wheels. The pulley wheels are available for all brands in both aluminium and titanium versions. The titanium version is also available with coated bearings. CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels combine the lowest friction with an unmatched longevity. The pulley wheels have been tested by the independent US laboratory, Friction Facts, and came out with the lowest friction available on the market. Detailed information is available on ceramicspeed.com. Pulley Wheels
  6. 6. 1110 The CeramicSpeed UFO Chains are racing chains which deliver the lowest friction on the market. Our ultrafast chains are carefully selected from high quality suppliers and optimised by hand in Denmark. Thanks to the extremely low friction, CeramicSpeed UFO Chains have the unique property to give you free speed and help you save watts. The optimisation treatment is a multi-step process, which has been specially developed to achieve the most efficient chain possible. Topped off with a Teflon® powder coating, the optimisation formula creates distinct layers that work together as a low friction system for the ultimate chain efficiency available. With power savings between 2-5 watts, the CeramicSpeed UFO Chains are exclusively racing chains. UFO Chains Road, Off-Road or Triathlon – it is your choice and your advantage ©Bettiniphoto.net They have been developed for extreme performance on the competition day and are optimal for 200 miles/320 km. After this distance, traces of the optimisation treatment will continue to activate a chain that tops the standards. Be aware that the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain is not suitable for wet and muddy conditions, which might cause corrosion on the chain. Read more about the product and maintenance on ceramicspeed.com. Cycling is getting more and more popular – and with good reason. One of the amazing things about cycling is the endless array of opportunities it provides. Cycling has the ability to connect people, form groups and build teams or you can just ride on your own – it’s your choice. A sport performed and accessible all year round, cycling is for everybody and can take you wherever you like. Looking for gains and areas to improve, one hidden force determines how fast and efficiently you ride your bike – friction. CeramicSpeed provides this recognizable gain, delivers valued improvements and produces unmatched bearing lifetime. It is your advantage no matter if you go for road, off-road or triathlon. Enjoy the benefits whether you ride Road, Off-Road or Tri
  7. 7. 1312 When looking into the technology behind the huge gains and the extreme lifetime, it all starts to make sense. It is not hard to develop bearings with low friction, but combining it with the world’s best lifetime, requires quality components, know-how and craftsmanship. With over 15 years of know-how and expertise, this has become a reality. All bearings are handmade in Denmark from the very best components and are repeatedly checked throughout the production process; this is what we call craftsmanship. The most critical link that determines the performance and lifetime of any ceramic bearing is the ceramic balls. Ball qualities differ greatly. Impact strength, smoothness, roundness, brittleness and hardness are all key factors that determine the ceramic ball quality. These parameters of a CeramicSpeed Ball are unmatched, and the tests speak for themselves. “MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung is very proud and happy to have CeramicSpeed as a partner. Their technical know-how and drive to produce the best low friction bearings make for smoother rides in any kind of condition. As a team focussed on the progression and the development of the sport, it is good to have partners that share the same goals.” Veit Hammer Head of Marketing and PR, Team MTN-Qhubeka Visit ceramicspeed.com for more detailed technical information. Quality, know-how and craftsmanship make the difference – also for you CeramicSpeed Balls vs steel balls Smoothness 400 % Hardness 128 % Lighter 58 % CeramicSpeed Balls vs other ceramic balls Smoothness 100 % Hardness 15 % Higher load 99 % ©GruberImages CeramicSpeed Ball After 600 hours of testing, the CeramicSpeed Ball is in perfect, unmarked condition. Chinese ball After only 10 hours of testing, other ceramic balls have a rough and crater like surface. Upgrade your bike with the CeramicSpeed Headset for unmatched bearing longevity and precise steering abilities. CeramicSpeed joined the best engineering with pro-quality materials to create the most durable and stable headset. Thus, durability and steady performance when steering are the built-in properties of the CeramicSpeed Headset. The CeramicSpeed Headsets are available as a kit for Specialized and Cervélo bikes or as individ- ual headset bearings, spacers and dust covers. Inside the headset bearings, you will find a special grease, which carries extremely high protection to corrosion and prolongs the bearings’ lifetime. With a 3-5 times longer durability than steel headset bearings, the CeramicSpeed Headsets are also available in the coated version, where the resistance to water and dirt contamination are even further increased. Detailed information is available on ceramicspeed.com. Headsets See the hammer test video on ceramicspeed.com under the section Techlab.
  8. 8. Optimise your favourite wheel set with CeramicSpeed Bearings. We offer complete kits for most leading brands. As wheels are constantly spinning huge gains can be obtained by upgrading your wheels with CeramicSpeed Bearings. The wheel kits deliver reduced friction and provide lower rolling resistance while saving watts. Many of the wheel kits are also available in a coated version. The special coating minimizes rolling friction even more while reducing wear and increasing resistance to water and dirt contamination. If you buy high quality wheels for your bike, you may find that they come with CeramicSpeed Bearings installed as standard. Our bearings are used by several high-end wheel manufacturers. Detailed information is available on ceramicspeed.com. Wheel Kits 1514 Tests are an important part of the products’ reliability. It gives you security in making the right choice when you decide to upgrade your bike. The best choice of components, the manufacturing process and the test program are essential when delivering a reliable product to the market. CeramicSpeed Bearings are handmade, and are inspected several times throughout the production process. All products are thoroughly tested before being launched. This starts with internal testing on our own equipment, after this, they are subject to real-life tests by a group of professional athletes. It’s only after this, and when the bearings have passed all our tests, that we are ready to offer reliable products to you. Lifetime – high quality ceramic bearings
 Entering the cycling world back in 2000, very little was known about the lifetime of ceramic bearing products. The consensus was that their primary benefit was the reduction in friction. Unbeknown to the masses of the cycling world, lifetime of high-quality ceramic bearings is one of their most significant features. Laboratory testing has demonstrated that CeramicSpeed Bearings have a lifetime of 3-5 times longer, and even up to 10 times longer, than the widely used standard steel bearings. A claim backed up by our warranty program of up to 6 years. Like all world class components, CeramicSpeed Bearings provide optimal performance results when correctly mounted and maintained. To guide you through the process, detailed videos are available on ceramicspeed.com. Your security for a reliable product The match of bearing components and the extreme quality of the CeramicSpeed Balls allow us to offer you a valuable warranty program. Depending on the product you buy, you will get up to 6 years of warranty. Check out the details on ceramicspeed.com. High quality gives you a long warranty “As a mechanic, it is obvious that the CeramicSpeed products are built with the greatest precision. With these bearings, we rarely see corrosion or contamination in the bearings and if we do, we just clean and re-grease the bearings and they spin again. Normally, we change bearings several times during a season but CeramicSpeed Bearings easily run for two consecutive seasons. Try to spin a crank. You really feel the difference with the extremely low rolling resistance, but that’s not it. CeramicSpeed combines the low friction with an extreme lifetime and we save time on maintenance – an optimal solution.” Alejandro Torralbo Pulido Mechanic, Team Tinkoff-Saxo ©Bettiniphoto.net