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Odoo version 11 features (community edition)

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The release of the Odoo v11 is around the corner, it is expected to release by the coming Odoo experience. In this point let us discuss the features of Odoo v11 edition.

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Odoo version 11 features (community edition)

  1. 1. www.cybrosys.com Odoo Version 11 Features (Community Edition)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • The release of the Odoo v11 is around the corner, it is expected to release by the coming Odoo experience • In this point let us discuss the features of Odoo v11 edition
  3. 3. Separate menu for CRM and Sales In v11 the CRM and Sales will have separate menus, in the previous version on the installation of the sales modules, CRM menu will be renamed to Sale
  4. 4. Accounting Features The module account_accountant (technical name) is removed from this, only the invoice module will be available, anyway the user can get the whole accounting features by checking the full accounting features option in the Users form-view as of now.
  5. 5. Subtask in Project Subtask in the project was a missing feature in the previous community version, the features were only available in the enterprise edition in the previous.
  6. 6. On activating the sub task feature, you can find an option parent task in the task form, this is how we can create a subtask for a task.
  7. 7. User interface The look and feel of the user interface has been changed.
  8. 8. Settings Now it is easy to navigate from the settings of one module to settings of any other On opening the settings of any module we can easily navigate to the settings of others
  9. 9. In the given image, the settings of the sales menu are opened, in the view, we can the option to select the settings of the other modules also.
  10. 10. Accounting Dashboard • A new set up bar is introduced in the dashboard. • Easy to navigate and set up chart account, fiscal year, company data, bank accounts from the accounting dashboard
  11. 11. Website • In the v10 we have seen separate menu for the website and website admin to manage the website • In the V11 both have merged into single one.
  12. 12. • Here clicking on the website menu will not be redirected to the website as in the previous version. • Clicking website will show the website dashboard, to configure the website related things, that we have done in the website admin section in the previous can be done from the settings of the website
  13. 13. Point of sale In the v11 point of sale, price list feature is included.
  14. 14. In the Accounting settings, we can see like this,
  15. 15. Accounting Reports only for the enterprise version. This is the response from Odoo's CEO on the community mailing list regarding the accounting feature-
  16. 16. Let us wait until the release of v11 to get the exact idea about how the Odoo goes with the accounting.
  17. 17. Refer this link for more: https://www.cybrosys.com/blog/odoo-version-11-features
  18. 18. Thank You ! Cybrosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Neospace, Kinfra Techno Park, Kakkancherry, Calicut University P.O. Calicut Kerala, India - 673635. Cybrosys Ltd 15, ST Antonys Road, Forest Gate, London England, E79QA. Cybrosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 1st Floor, Thapasya Building, Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala, India-682030.