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Odoo 15 Employee Referral

  1. Odoo 15 Employee Referral
  2. INTRODUCTION ❖ The employee Referral module is the most suitable method for the faster and more qualitative recruitment process. ❖ It is the best digital technique and solution for referral programs. ❖ It will helps to reduce the time and expense that we spend on the employee referrals. ❖ Also Employee referrals often allow companies to land highly qualified and skilled employees.
  3. ❖ The Employee Referral module is one of the most design-rich modules of Odoo. ❖ The dashboard of the employee referral module is as given below.
  4. ❖ By clicking NEXT button, it shows the features about the Odoo’s Referral platform.
  5. ❖ On the final stage, we can see a START NOW button. ❖ By clicking START NOW button, we can start the referral process.
  6. ❖ After clicking START NOW button, a page to choose the Avatar for our new employee friend will open up, as shown below.
  7. ❖ After choosing the avatar, a new page with Level Up option along with respective employee’s Total and To spend points will be shown. ❖ Also we can see the no.of Referrals, Ongoing and Successful Referrals from this page.
  8. ❖ By clicking VIEW JOBS button, we can see various job positions with no.of openings, total reward points and description about position in each job position.
  9. ❖ By clicking REFER FRIEND button, it is possible to refer the job to a friend. ❖ Also it is possible to share job offer through different social media platforms also. ❖ For knowing more about the job position, we can just click on the MORE INFO button.
  10. ❖ From Configuration tab, we can configure Rewards, Levels, Friends, Alerts, and Onboarding.
  11. 1. Rewards ❖ By clicking Rewards menu from Configuration tab, a page on Rewards will open up, as shown below for configurations.
  12. ❖ To create more rewards click on the CREATE button. ❖ Enter the reward Product name in the Product name field. We can also enter the Points in the Cost field and can choose the person responsible for the gift. If we want to describe the product, we can enter it in the Description section. After the configurations, click on the SAVE button to save the Product.
  13. 2. Levels ❖ By clicking Levels menu from Configuration, a page on Levels will open up, as shown below. ❖ All Rewards levels is listed here.
  14. ❖ We can create more levels by clicking on the CREATE button. ❖ Enter the level name and the requirements to reach the level in the Requirements filed. ❖ Click on the Camera to add an image to symbolize the level. ❖ After the configuration, click on the SAVE button to save the new level.
  15. 3. Friends ❖ We can manage and create friends from the Friends page, as shown below.
  16. ❖ We Enter the Friend name in the respective field and choose the position. ❖ We can set a dashboard image for the Friend by clicking on the Dashboard image camera icon. ❖ After the configurations, click on the SAVE button to save the new Friend.
  17. 4. Alerts ❖ We can configure Alerts from Alerts menu. ❖ It is able to use the alerts to send Job positions to the employees ❖ In the Date from the field, select the start date of the alert and the End date from the Date to the area. ❖ Choose the one-click functionality from the three options: Not clickable, Go to all jobs, and Specify URL ❖ Choose the Company and specify the alert message in the Alert field. ❖ After the configurations, we can instantly send the Alert by clicking on the SEND EMAIL button, or if we want to save it, click on the SAVE button.
  18. 5. Onboarding ❖ We can create Onboarding text from Onboarding menu. ❖ Able to provide Text, sequence and can select company from here.
  19. Flow of Referral module ❖ Click EMAIL A FRIEND button. ❖ Add the Email and the Subject. ❖ After the configurations, click on the SEND MAIL button to send the mail to the friend
  20. ❖ We can also send or publish the job info by clicking on the VIEW JOBS button from the dashboard, and a page on newly published jobs will open up as shown below. ❖ From the page click on the REFER FRIEND to refer and the email configuration page will open up as shown below. ❖ Similarly, we can send the Job info through popular social media platforms.
  21. ❖ When the candidate get the email, he/she can apply the post by clicking on the MORE INFO button. ❖ A web page where the job is posted will open up with further info on the job position. The applicants can click on the APPLY NOW button to apply for the job positions below.
  22. ❖ Now the Applications will be listed in the Recruitment module of Odoo, as shown below.
  23. ❖ Then In Referrals dashboard, we can see no.of ongoing, Referrals and Successful referrals . ❖ While opening any of this we can see job position and details . ❖ The points will be rewarded based on the stage of the candidate qualifies.
  24. ❖ Then from Applications menu in Recruitment module we can change the application stage. ❖ For Ex, Joren Jacob is changed from First Interview to Contact signed stage.
  25. ❖ After that, when we come back to Referrals dashboard we can see the Hired message like shown below.
  26. ❖ Reporting The Reporting tab will give you live statistics of the Referral management process applicant’s details, as shown below.
  27. For More Details Check our company website for related blogs and Odoo book. Odoo 15 book Check our YouTube channel for functional and technical videos in Odoo. Odoo 15 Employee Referral
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