Commission Plan in Odoo 15 CRM | Odoo 15 Enterprise Editio

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19. Mar 2022

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Commission Plan in Odoo 15 CRM | Odoo 15 Enterprise Editio

  1. Commission Plan in Odoo 15 CRM
  2. INTRODUCTION ❖ Odoo CRM, Customer Relationship Management is the technological solution which mainly focussed on the business relationships. ❖ This dynamic software tool is developed for supervising all your organization’s relationships and interactions with all types of customers. ❖ The existing customers and future customers can be well managed and supervised with the software. Odoo CRM is considered as one of the prominent modules in the Odoo ERP which can be applied to all types of business without considering the size of the business. ❖ Commission plans can be created and assigned to customers depending upon their performance and partner level.
  3. ❖ Goto App store install Resellers Commissions For Subscription module.
  4. ❖ Goto CRM module from Configuration > Commission Plans
  5. ❖ For creating new commission plans click on CREATE button.
  6. ❖ Provide name for commission, for rules line add product category, product, rate of the commission and also we can specify maximum commission amount by enabling Capped. Save your changes.
  7. ❖ Now goto Configuration > Partner Level.
  8. ❖ Now we can specify the level weight, sequence and default commission plan. Make sure the level is in activated mode.
  9. ❖ Now goto Sales > Customers .
  10. ❖ From customer form under Partner assignment tab we can specify the partner level so the commission plan will be automatically updated . You can also specify other details after that SAVE.
  11. ❖ Then goto the sales module create a sale order. Add your customer.Now add the referrer so automatically the commission plan will be updated. Add the product and fro total section we will get the referrer commission amount for this SO.
  12. ❖ Now create invoice for the sale order after validating the delivery.
  13. ❖ Now goto Purchase module and here we can see that a Purchase quotation is created for that referrer.
  14. ❖ The commission product added to the purchase line with invoice details as description. CONFIRM the order.
  15. ❖ Create bill by clicking CREATE BILL button click.
  16. ❖ You can register the payment if you are payed the commission to the referrer.
  17. For More Details Check our company website for related blogs and Odoo book. CRM - Odoo 15 Enterprise Book Check our YouTube channel for functional and technical videos in Odoo. Commission Plan in Odoo 15 CRM
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