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Introduction of sina weibo and sina finance

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Introduction of sina weibo and sina finance

  1. 1. Contents About Weibo 关于微博 About Weiqianbao & Weicaifu 关于微钱包和微财富 Social Commerce 社会化电商 Other Cooperation Programme 其他合作方案 1 2 3 4 Contents 内容
  2. 2. About Weibo 关于微博 1
  3. 3. About Weiqianbao & Weicaifu 关于微钱包和微财富 2
  4. 4. Company Basics 基本信息 No. of Staff 员工数量 Transaction volume 交易量 Products 产品 Business Strategy 业务战略 • Invested by SINA,,SinaPay (www.weibopay.com) is a commonly used social payment solution in China. • We provides an happy, easy, and safe way for millions of individuals and businesses to make and receive payments on the social network; • Our business is focused on mobile payments; personal investment and electronic wallet; • Management served as the well-known Internet company executives,such as Baidu,snda,99bill; • Founded in April 2012, the first merchant signed in June • 100人以上 • Weiqianbao:Social electronic wallet,focus on mobile payments • Weicaifu:Internet financial services,focus on personal wealth management • Credit pay:Pay with phone--Play first,pay later. 2013 Key Business Description Marketi ng : Interne t Financi al Service s Investm ent Financi al Payment and Settlem ent 2013 Competitors Sinapay Alipay Tenpay No. of Servers TPS Users Merchant SDK Special 备注:TPS means the number of transactions processed per second. The higher values ​​represent more fully utilize server, Sinapay has achieved high efficiency of the system with a small number of employees and servers Social elements NA 10000+ 1000 + NA 190000+ NA NA 800 m+ 300m+ NA 0.80 m+ 0.50m √ × √ NA 50m+ 500m • Social • Credit pay • Quick pay • Weixin Payment We have significant advantages on business strategy and system architecture
  5. 5. • Weibo Wallet-微钱包 • Weicaifu-微财富 • Credit Pay-信用付 • Master-Sub Accounts-主子账户 • Life Service-生活服务 • APIS-Open API和自助平台 • SDK-Payment SDK 移动支付 • Security & Risk Control-安全防护和风险控制 • Membership card & Coupon-会员卡和优惠券 • Selling Widgets-销售工具 Sinapay main products-Mobile Wallet
  6. 6. Sinapay main products-Personal Finance Platform Simple , fun& Spread • Make the concept simple: Participation by everyone , Spread with weibo , make the concept easy to understand. • Make the product simple: Streamline processes , O2O, Reduce choice,Easy remember. • Make the threshold lower: Small amount , Real time , Purchase at any time & Have fun. Weicaifu 个人理财精选平台 Materials -Assets Cunqianguan| dingqibao | Fund supermarket Fund Assurance P2P Bonds • Fixed income • Lower risk • Earnings stability • Periodic and current • More choice • Featured Platform • Social • Higher income • Vertical cooperation • Higher risk • Earmarking of fund • More payment channel • Money in and out at anytime Products Cunqiang uan Fund supermark et P2P caopanba o
  7. 7. Social Commerce 社会化电商 3
  8. 8. 61 m • Exposure 2.4 m • Forward 1.3 m • Reservation 0.80 m • New FansSmart,Letv,HTC-one, Coca-Cola … Understand Trust Trade Share Know Case—Selling xiaomi on weibo 5 minutes 50000 phones
  9. 9. Other Cooperation Programme 其他合作方案 4
  10. 10. Partner Other Cooperation Programme Materials Financial products Materials Channel Partners Payment Transfer Authentication B2C Quick payB2B Ordinary API Card Overseas users Fund Exchange Other product Dollor fund International Remittance
  11. 11. Thanks | 感谢