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21 Steps to Social Advertising Success

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Tips & Tools for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced social advertisers in travel, tourism & hospitality. Focus on ad audiences on Facebook & Instagram.

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21 Steps to Social Advertising Success

  1. 1. cmsspeaking.com 403-726-0171 21 STEPS TO SOCIAL AD SUCCESS STEPS TO Tips & Tools for Your Advertising Success SOCIAL AD SUCCESS NOVICE LEVEL INTERMEDIATE LEVEL ADVANCED LEVEL Create a Custom Audience. Add your own client list to Facebook. If your list is already segmented in any way, create separate audiences for each one. Build a series of posts. Showcase great images and provide a link to info on your website. Create an ad using the Guided Creation tool. Target your ad to your new custom audience list of your clients. Measure your results. Tweak images and text as needed. Start creating videos for future ads. Create Target Audiences. Focus on Trip Cosideration as well as specific traveler personas. Create ads from your existing posts. Select existing posts that have gained some traction earning coveted ‘likes, comments and shares’. Create a Lead Magnet. This is a downloadable give away that’s relevant to your audience. Build Lead Generation ads. Attract new fans with your lead magnet. Create Carousel ads to broaden your story telling opportunities. Build an Event ad for each of your upcoming group tours and consumer nights. Create a series of ads for each of your audiences. These can be evergreen ads or ads that have a specific time-sensitive focus. Split test the ads by changing text and/or photos and videos to find the ones that work best for each audience. Build Dynamic ads to further test your ad strength. Mix and match video, still images, text, headlines and CTA’s. Create look-alike audiences from your best performing audiences. Coordinate your Facebook and Instagram posts and ads to create a seamless story. Create Canvas ads that integrate images and video. Add a pixel to your website to track web visits from Facebook users. Create a new audience based on interactions with your page. Study your ads reporting to evaluate your hits and misses. Tweak as needed. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 11 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 21