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8501 University Station Circle, #1412 chawley51@yahoo.com
Charlotte, NC 28269 linkedin.com/i...
Catherine Hawley 980-253-9417 Page 2
Scottish Re, Charlotte, NC 2003 – 2007
Executive Assistant – consistently performed a...
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Catherine Hawley Resume

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Catherine Hawley Resume

  1. 1. CATHERINE HAWLEY 980-253-9417 8501 University Station Circle, #1412 chawley51@yahoo.com Charlotte, NC 28269 linkedin.com/in/catherine-hawley SUMMARY Conscientious, resourceful administrative professional with over twenty years’ experience at a Fortune 500 company in Finance Management, Customer Service and Public Relations. Excellent interpersonal skills in communicating key data to employees, customers, and suppliers. Exceptional skills in:  Ability to communicate with all levels of management and employees  International communication with other companies  Entrusted with confidential material  Superb organizational skills  Event and travel planning  Email and calendar management  Vendor and contract management  Budget tracking  Proficient use of computer software programs  Certified Notary PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Wells Fargo Wealth Investment Management, Charlotte, NC 28208 2008-2016 Administrative Assistant to: SVP, Group Finance Officer for Retirement SVP, Finance Integration Leader for Abbot Downing SVP, WBR Controller Responsibilities: • Successfully managed complex calendars to help the executives use their time most effectively. • Planned/executed plans for all team building experiences. • Managed all aspects of travel for time sensitive meetings in the most cost effective means. • Processed urgent issues involving clients and hand off to the appropriate group. • Liaison for direct report staff. • Coordinated meetings with senior executives. • Supervised Information on SharePoint. • Prepared material for daily meetings. • Created correspondence – letter, email and telephone. • Developed general office procedures. • Developed/created Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents for tracking, reporting, data collection and presentations for executive meetings. Wells Fargo Retirement, Charlotte, NC 28288 2007-2008 Executive Assistant to EVP, Group Finance Officer Wealth, Brokerage and Retirement Responsibilities were: • Complex calendar management & event planning. • Travel & Calendar for 2 international boards of directors. • Control key departmental meetings calendar. • Expense & invoice approval (50K approval level). • Correspondence – letter, email and telephone. • Developed procedural handbook for office management. • Established new index filing systems and maintain regularly. • Constructed Word and Excel documents for tracking, reporting and data collection.
  2. 2. Catherine Hawley 980-253-9417 Page 2 Scottish Re, Charlotte, NC 2003 – 2007 Executive Assistant – consistently performed above expectation and during tenure at Scottish received 3 advancements. Promotions were from Administrative Assistant to SVP, IT to Executive Assistant adding the COO to my responsibilities. Shortly thereafter, promoted to Executive Assistant to EVP, CTO of the parent company, Scottish Re Group Limited. Finally, supporting the following executives: EVP, Corporate Development, CFO and CIO, Treasurer and additionally backed up the Personal Assistant to the Corporate President and CEO. Responsibilities: • Support the International Board of Directors Quarterly Meetings. o Uploading material to Intralinks o Board Books o Travel & hotel accommodations o Meal planning • Manage calendars, incoming calls and mail. • Document preparation for meetings. o PowerPoint o Word o Excel o Adobe Writer • Offsite meeting planner. o 3 days at Palmetto Bluff in SC for senior management team of 15 o 3 days in New York for Investor Day – 150 attendees o 11 days in Asia for International Securitization Conference o Daily meetings including greeting attendees, minutes & meals • Communicate on regular basis with international offices to coordinate meeting times and travel plans. • Entrusted daily with confidential documents. • Back up for office manager (office consisted of 200+ employees spread over 3 floors) • Expense reporting using ADT online. • Mentor junior administrative staff. First Charter Bank, Charlotte, NC 2001-2003 Senior Administrative Assistant to VP, Information Technology Duties included: • Create confidential communications (HR and salary files, employee performance appraisals, file memos, etc.). • Schedule all appointments and track manager’s calendar. • Schedule onsite and offsite meetings, training, conferences and catering for meetings when needed. • Schedule interviews and greet candidates. • Prepare expense reports and paperwork to pay all departmental invoices. • Maintain department budget and monitor tracking reports for discrepancies. • Maintain attendance records and perform personnel administrative duties for department • Maintain suspense system for manager. • Open, sort, screen and prioritize manager’s incoming mail and email. • Compose routine correspondence for manager’s signature. • Maintain all manuals and updates as needed. • Prepare and distribute periodic reports. • Scribing for Technology Steering Committee.