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CATCOM| How to make a good presentation

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CATCOM| A good presentation not only shows your skill, it also is one factor to appreciate you. Try to prepare the best for yourself.

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CATCOM| How to make a good presentation

  1. 1. Presenting now is a essential skill which almost activities of life require.However, what way to make a good presentation?
  2. 2. This is your first step and the most important once. If you have to make a presentation, you must prepare for it. Some suggest contents such as documents about your topic? what is your main idea? how many parts your presentation are?
  3. 3. For example: Your topic is Make a project of internal PR for Catcom. You have to identify What is your purpose of your project? What public group of Catcom is? How much time you need to do this? How much money will be require?
  4. 4. It is certainly that if you look at your document during you are making presentation, it is not professional. Therefore, you must remember your main ideas, or your detailed reparation is better. Especially, if you usually be stress when standing in frond of a crowd, do this as good as you can.
  5. 5. You know that, what you have to do not only is presenting, you have to debating to protect your project and make it come true. After you do two previous steps well, thing about some question is also good. It helps you not be embarrass when you cope with your questions.
  6. 6. Your voice is one factor deciding your presentaion successful or not. You shoud speak loudly, otherwise not all people can hear you. An unclear voice may lead to misunderstand, which affects your result.
  7. 7. To summary, this document provides you 4 tips to make a good presentation. 1. Prepare for your presentation 2. Remember what you prepare 3. Think about questions which can be give to you 4. Try to make your voice clear
  8. 8. Good luck! Written by Catcom (http://catcom.vn)