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Key Components of an Employment Contract

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If you’re in the process of launching a business or are reevaluating your employment contract, below are some key components that you should be sure to include!

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Key Components of an Employment Contract

  2. 2. Employment contracts contain all of the requirements and standard terms between an employer and employee, making them one of the most significant legal documents you will need for your business
  3. 3. If you’re planning on launching a business or creating an employment contract, here are some important points to include
  4. 4. A detailed job description thoroughly explains an individual's role and responsibilities, as well as outlines what is expected of them and their limitations
  5. 5. • Pay details refers to whether your employee will be getting paid weekly or bi- weekly, as well as designate approved payment methods. • Pay detail can also include bonus pay or overtime
  6. 6. The following criteria determines the days and hours of work per week an employee is expected to perform: • Full-time or part time? • Salary or hourly? • Weekends?
  7. 7. This outlines which holidays the office is closed and whether or not these holidays are considered paid or unpaid
  8. 8. • This covers the time allotted for the loss of loved ones, illnesses, and days for jury duty. • It's important to note if any documents are required for proof, such as a doctor's note
  9. 9. This should provide: • A reason for dismissal • Any notices or warnings given, • A date that the employee was fired
  10. 10. When you hire a new employee, you should have them read the contract carefully before signing Remember to highlight the most important parts and offer them a copy to keep for their records
  11. 11. If you aren’t sure how go about completing your contract, hire a Los Angeles business attorney to help you.