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How to Migrate from CubeCart to OpenCart

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Decided to switch your CubeCart store to OpenCart? Follow this presentation to see how straightforward and fast your product, customer and order migration can be with Cart2Cart.
For more detailed information follow this link http://www.shopping-cart-migration.com/shopping-cart-migration-options/860-cubecart-to-opencart-migration

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How to Migrate from CubeCart to OpenCart

  1. 1. How to Migrate fromCubeCart to OpenCartPrepared by Cart2Cart TeamJune, 2013www.shopping-cart-migration.com
  2. 2. How to Migrate from CubeCart toOpenCartwww.shopping-cart-migration.com
  3. 3. How to Migrate from CubeCart toOpenCartBefore you start:1. Make a backup2. Secure access info3. Install OpenCartCheck this article for moredetailed informationwww.shopping-cart-migration.com
  4. 4. Migration Setup:Step 11. Enter www.shopping-cart-migration.com2. Register an account or login via Facebook/Googlewww.shopping-cart-migration.com
  5. 5. Migration Setup:Step 2Create new migrationSetup your Source Cart Type -> Select CubeCart platformEnter your Store URL -> e.g. www.your-cubecart-store.comDownload Connection Bridge (See more info here)www.shopping-cart-migration.com
  6. 6. Migration Setup:Step 2Setup your Target Cart Type -> Select OpenCart cartEnter your Store URL -> e.g. www.your-target-opencart-store.comDownload Connection Bridge (See more info here)www.shopping-cart-migration.com
  7. 7. Migration Setup:Step 3Select entities you would like to migratewww.shopping-cart-migration.com
  8. 8. Migration Setup:Step 4Currencies mappingAt this step you will be able to match your CubeCartcurrencies with OpenCart oneswww.shopping-cart-migration.com
  9. 9. Migration Setup:Step 5Order Status MappingIf youve selected to migrateorders at Step 3 you willhave an opportunity toassign order statuseswww.shopping-cart-migration.com
  10. 10. Migration Setup:Step 6Demo MigrationTo see if everything works in a proper way youcan set up a free Demo Migration.Note: You can skip this step. However, its highlyrecommended to proceed with Demo Migration since itwill clearly demonstrate how the whole process is goingto run.www.shopping-cart-migration.com
  11. 11. Migration Setup:Step 6www.shopping-cart-migration.com
  12. 12. Migration Setup:Step 7Start Full MigrationNow you only need to doublecheck theentities you are going to migrate and apply adiscount coupon code if you have one.After you click Start Full Migration buttonyour CubeCart store will be transferred toOpenCart.www.shopping-cart-migration.com
  13. 13. Migration Setup:Step 7www.shopping-cart-migration.com
  14. 14. Migration Setup:Step 8www.shopping-cart-migration.comCheck migration results and enjoy your newlyestablished OpenCart storeRight after migration process is done you will beable to see all the products, customers and orders atyour frontend and backend.
  15. 15. So go ahead and startyour smooth andaccurate migration withwww.shopping-cart-migration.com