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CARE Grant Cycle 2 Micro Grants Webinar

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webinar on grant application process

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CARE Grant Cycle 2 Micro Grants Webinar

  1. 1. CARE Cycle 2 Micro Grants for Collection/Reuse Informational Webinar February 27, 2019 Abbie Beane, CARE Grants Manager Presenting to XX
  2. 2. • Public entities – Cities – Counties – Special districts – State agencies • JPAs with solid waste responsibilities • Public or private businesses, such as transfer stations • CARE drop-off sites, CSEs encouraged to apply • Nonprofits, such as reuse stores • Projects must be located in California Who is Eligible?
  3. 3. Eligible Projects • Projects that establish, increase or improve the collection and/or reuse of CA post-consumer carpet (PCC) • Equipment and infrastructure – Multiple pieces of equipment may be combined into one application • Minor improvements to collection or reuse sites • Up to 20% of the budget can be used for education/outreach • Salaries, overhead and travel are ineligible – Installation costs may be included
  4. 4. Other Project Requirements • Only one application per eligible entity • Must identify projected additional pounds for collection and/or reuse of CA PCC • Matching funds are encouraged, not required • Projects with all permits already in place are preferred
  5. 5. Timeline and Funding • Projects must be complete by June 30, 2020 • Projects with 2019 impact preferred • Cycle 2M applications accepted until 12-31-2019 at 5pm PDT • Decisions expected one month after submission • Max grant award is $15,000
  6. 6. Micro Grant Application 1 All applicants are required to complete and submit this form within the space provided. Please refer to grant solicitation for criteria and other requirements. Applicant Name: Project Title: Grant Request: $ Start Date: Matching Funds: $ End Date: Total Project Cost $ This project will increase: ☐ REUSE (check all that apply) ☐ COLLECTION Declaration: o By checking this box I certify under penalty of perjury that there are no pending or outstanding judgments or enforcement actions against the company or its products. If applicable, please describe any pending or outstanding judgments: 2M Application Contacts, Narrative and Work Plan Narrative must not exceed the space provided. 1. Key Project Contacts (2 required) with phone number, address and email information: Contact 1 Name: Title: Agency/Business/Organization: City: State: Zip: Phone: Email: Contact 2 Name: Title: Agency/Business/Organization: City: State: Zip: Phone: Email: 2. Project Narrative (Concept Proposal) a. Applicant/Team Qualifications and Experience APPLICATION CYCLE 2M MICRO GRANTS FOR COLLECTION/REUSE
  7. 7. Micro Grant Application 2 b. Project Description
  8. 8. Micro Grant Application 3 c. Need d. Project Impact/Cost Effectiveness [Include # pounds of NET NEW LBS post-consumer carpet the project will collect, and/or # of LBS it will reuse (if applicable); Include % increase (if applicable) and methodology for calculation in space below boxes.] # LBS COLLECTED: # LBS REUSED: SUM: Total # LBS COLLECTED or REUSED Total Grant Funds Requested: $ # LBS per Grant Dollar Requested: e. OPTIONAL: Creation of California Jobs, Environmental Certifications, Benefit to Disadvantaged Communities. Include supporting documents if applicable.
  9. 9. Micro Grant Work Plan Template 4 3. Project Work Plan, Milestones and Deliverables [Complete work plan form provided] Objective The direct, tangible, and measurable result you are seeking to achieve (one objective per row) Activities How the project will be put into action to achieve each objective (you may enter more than one activity per row, as each objective may have multiple activities associated with it) Timeframe The start date and end date of the period during which each activity will occur Evaluation How the success of the project will be assessed in reaching the objective
  10. 10. Micro Grant Budget Template EXPENSES Equipment and Infrastructure Costs DESCRIPTION OF ITEM(S) Equipment/Infrastructure Item Cost Cost/Unit # of Units Grant Request $ (of total for item) Matching Funds $ (of total for item) TOTAL EQUIPMENT/INFRASTRUCTURE COSTS 0 $0.00 0 Taxes and Shipping DESCRIPTION OF ITEM(S) Tax/Shipping Item Cost Cost/Unit # of Units Grant Request Matching Funds TOTAL TAXES, SHIPPING 0 0 0 Installation Costs DESCRIPTION OF ITEM(S) Installation Item Cost Cost/Unit # of Units Grant Request Matching Funds TOTAL INSTALLATION COSTS 0 0 0 Education & Outreach DESCRIPTION OF ITEM(S) E&O Item Cost Cost/Unit # of Units Grant Request Matching Funds TOTAL EDUCATION/OUTREACH COSTS 0 0 0 Miscellaneous DESCRIPTION OF ITEM(S) Miscellaneous Item Cost Cost/Unit # of Units Grant Request Matching Funds TOTAL MISCELLANEOUS COSTS 0 0 0 TOTAL EXPENSES FOR PROJECT 0 Total Grant Request for Expenses $0.00 Total Match Provided for Expenses 0 Insert rows where needed 2019 Cycle 2M Micro Grants for Collection/Reuse Please fill in budget form below where applicable BUDGET NARRATIVE (explain expenditures, funding request and matching funds if needed, optional):
  11. 11. Napa Recycling Weather Cover Before After
  12. 12. Improvements to Local Hauling Services
  13. 13. Visit CARE Online: www.CarpetRecovery.org • Join our email list for Updates • Follow us on Twitter @CarpetRecycle • Email me: ABeane@CarpetRecovery.org Visit CalRecycle Online: • https://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/carpet Join Email List For More Information