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Using social media to engage communities and consult

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Step by step guide to using social media to consult communities in planning and providing health care, particularly relevant to the delivery of Sustainability and Transformation Plans in England. Presented by Alex Talbott of Super Ant at the Innovation Agency's EngageWell event in December 2016.

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Using social media to engage communities and consult

  1. 1. Using social media to engage communities and consult An introduction By Alex Talbott
  2. 2. Communications & Engagement Events
  3. 3. Coming up… 1. Law 2. Communications 3. Acting school 4. Policy 5. Social media
  4. 4. www.slido.com #2515
  5. 5. Section 13Q of NHS Act 2006 NHS England has a statutory duty to ‘make arrangements’ to involve the public in commissioning services for NHS patients
  6. 6. S.14Z2 Public involvement and consultation by CCGs CCGs must make arrangements to secure that individuals to whom the services are being or may be provided are involved in commissioning decisions.
  7. 7. Chapter 2, Section 242 (1B-H) Trusts must ensure users of their services, whether directly or through representatives, are involved in: (a) the planning of the provision of those services, (b) the development and consideration of proposals for changes in the way those services are provided, and (c) decisions to be made by that body affecting the operation of those services.
  8. 8. 1969
  9. 9. Devolving Collaborating Involving Consulting Informing
  10. 10. Involvement/Participation/ Engagement/Co-commissioning • Social media can help with it all! – 2-way – Open – Accessible [generally] – Creates records of interactions – Creates data for analysis – Democratises information – Invites challenge and contention!
  11. 11. Online channels Owned Earnt Paid for
  12. 12. Online channels Owned • Website • Twitter profile(s) • Facebook pages and groups • Instagram profile • LinkedIn page • Blogs • E-newsletter • Email signatures
  13. 13. Online channels Earnt • Third sector organisation websites & profiles • Public sector partner websites & profiles • Other people’s: • Facebook groups • Blogs • Social media posts • Ability to post to full-blown advocacy.
  14. 14. Online channels Paid for • Social media adverts • Google AdWords • Website banners • Newspaper website ads • Spotify adverts • Local and national opportunities.
  15. 15. “Fish where the fish are.”
  16. 16. Acting school: Priorities, priorities, priorities • Write down your organisation’s priorities • Write down the day-to-day priorities in your personal life.
  17. 17. We’ve got to talk about… STPs Sustainability and Transformation Plans – 44 footprints across England.
  18. 18. 5 things about social media 1. Communities of interest 2. Lexicon 3. Empathy 4. Working with negativity 5. Resource
  19. 19. 1. Communities of interest Social media platforms are especially good at building communities of interest.
  20. 20. 1. Communities of interest Characteristics of these communities: • Transient • Voluntary • Rich in social capital • Quick to grow • Diverse and therefore clever • Public +/private • Very narrow objectives!
  21. 21. 2. Lexicon Which words you use and how you use them.
  22. 22. 2. Lexicon “In terms of place based health it is essential to work on geographical footprints that people living in neighbourhoods identify with” People Powered Commissioning for Social Action in Stockport (October 2016)
  23. 23. 3. Empathy is important Emotion is stronger than logic.
  24. 24. “…without relationships and building trust and alignment around a common vision change won’t happen” People Powered Commissioning for Social Action in Stockport (October 2016)
  25. 25. 4. Working with negativity
  26. 26. “STPs lay out how £22bn of cuts to the NHS over the next 5 years will play out across the country. With the absurd expectation that services will improve, too.” Greenwich Green Party https://greenwich.greenparty.org.uk/news/greenwich-green-party-supports-call-for- greenwich-council-to-oppose-stps-and-protect-our-nhs.html
  27. 27. 5. Resource • Not 9-5 • In-depth knowledge needed • Great writing skills needed • Funding for adverts • Ability to react quickly • Admin-lite processes • Responsibility
  28. 28. Person specification: Adaptable, flexible and can hold two personas in their head at one time. Highly digital literate.
  29. 29. Define target audiences Map their online channels Prioritise the channels based on the most popular target audience channels Create empathetic, audience specific content Develop a list of search terms for monitoring purposes. Build +/ join online networks – share content via (earnt/paid for) target audience channels
  30. 30. Monthly tweetchat, every 1st Wednesday of the month on #nhssm
  31. 31. Add +44 (0) 7561 207 708 to your contacts & send ‘#nhssm GO!’ to join.
  32. 32. Thank you for listening! @TeamSuperAnt alex@superant.couk