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Beginner's Meltwater Assignment

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Provided by Professor Matthew Kushin at Shepherd University. This assignment uses Burts Bee's as the company to track social media and analytics.

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Beginner's Meltwater Assignment

  1. 1. Dr. Matt Kushin Shepherd University Getting Started with Meltwater: Social Media Listening & Analytics about “Burt’s Bees” Background: About the company | Website: http://www.burtsbees.com/ Help!? I’m having ahard time finding info about my brand! 1. Use quotations when doing a search withmorethan1 keyword. (example“Burt’s Bees”) 2. Try a few variations. For example, “Burts Bees” “Burt’s Bees” 3. Try looking atthecompany’s website (@ thetop ofyour Google Doc) for product names. 4. Make sure you’respelling your brand’s name properly. :) Some searchterms thatmight helpyou find your way: Burt’sBees: “Burt’s lip balm” We will use the media monitoring and social media monitoring software Meltwater.com in this class for your upcoming social media audit assignment. This activity will get your feet wet with Meltwater. You should have already watched the training videos in Meltwater. Setting Up
  2. 2. Dr. Matt Kushin Shepherd University To get started, log into Meltwater.com/login (select the product on the far left) using your team’s Meltwater account. 1. Create a social search for Burt’s Bees using appropriate keywords and Burt’s Bees social media account handles. ● Be sure to set the timeline for the past 60 days by creating a ‘custom timeline’ ● Be sure to think of what keywords must be present, what your ‘or’ keywords are, and what keywords you want to exclude 2. Create a news search for Burt’s Bees for mentions of the brand in blogs and news. Be sure to think of what keywords must be present, what your ‘or’ keywords are, and what keywords you want to exclude. ● Again, Be sure to set the timeline for the past 60 days by creating a ‘custom timeline’ 3. Next, create a dashboard for each of these searches. You should create an ‘analyze’ dashboard for the news Burt’s Bees search and a ‘monitor’ dashboard for the social Burt’s Bees search. When viewing your dashboards, be sure to select the last 2 months instead of the last week which is the default.
  3. 3. Dr. Matt Kushin Shepherd University Two reminders: 1. You can add new widgets to a dashboard if you can’t find what you need in your existing dashboard to answer the below questions. Be sure to save! 2. Remember, when you want to dig into a widget in a dashboard, click the arrow in the upper right of that widget. Questions to Answer Work with your partner to answer the below questions. Paste screen grabs to show evidence to
  4. 4. Dr. Matt Kushin Shepherd University support your answers. For social posts rely on your ‘Burt’s bees social monitor’ dashboard and for news and blogs, use your ‘Burt’s bees news analyze’ dashboard. Feel free to modify the associated searches if you aren’t finding what you’re looking for. 1. What top news posts and blog articles are discussing Burt’s Bees brand? (where were the published? Who is writing them?) 2. When did Burt’s Bees receive the most mentions on social media? (Show a screen grab as evidence)? Can you find a reason? 3. Product Discussed: What products of Burt’s Bees are popular on social media? List them below: 4. What social media services (e.g., Instagram) are most popular when it comes to Burt’s Bees? Least popular? 5. Brand Sentiment: What do people think about our brand and products? a. What % of posts about Burt’s Bees are positive? % negative? (post graphic below). 6. Dig into the brand sentiment: 5a. What surprises you/what did you not know about how people feel about Burt’s Bees that you now know from monitoring the social conversation about the brand? 5b. What are some themes you see in people’s comments about the brand and its products? 5c. Try to find some examples of positive posts and negative posts (such as complaints about their products). Paste them below (either by copying the text or using the Grab tool on Mac) Positive Posts Negative Posts