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Oarsis - Emprender con Realidad Virtual (Google Campus Madrid)

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Charla sobre lecciones aprendidas lanzando e invirtiendo en 9 startups de VR/AR durante el último año.

Speaker: Carlos López (CEO @ Oarsis - Incubadora de Startups de VR/AR/AI)

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Oarsis - Emprender con Realidad Virtual (Google Campus Madrid)

  1. 1. OARSIS is a startup studio and incubator that inspires, connects and empowers entrepreneurs to bring to market new VR/AR solutions.
  2. 2. Started from scratch Invested Currently working on... Stealth Startup Stealth Startup Launching and investing in 9 VR/AR startups in ONE YEAR ...
  3. 3. Core Tech 3D Scanning Content Creation Tools Distribution Niche Market Turnkey Solutions Marketplaces Platforms EdTech Blockchain AI & Computer Vision Hardware Training & Simulation OS 360º Video Media IoT BCIAd-Hoc Enterprise Big Data & AI
  4. 4. SOME VR/AR/3D/AI BUSINESS IDEAS... 3D scan your key with your new 3D-camera powered iPhone and print it in your closest retail location Marketplace of WebVR and WebAR templates Learn how to draw faster with AR
  5. 5. TEAM >>> Idea
  6. 6. Minimum 18 months runway + Cockroach mode == ON
  7. 7. Understand the medium, and design for it
  8. 8. Manage expectations. (hype vs. reality).
  9. 9. Tech Is Not Enough.. You’ve Got To Solve A Problem.
  10. 10. Don’t Waste Time. On Your Market Slide.
  11. 11. Focus on validation, not traction.
  12. 12. Turn to. WebVR and. WebAR.
  13. 13. Phase 1: TEAM & OPPORTUNITY Phase 2: PROBLEM Phase 3: SOLUTION Phase 4: GROWTH Opportunity Selection Team Matching Need/Problem Identified Design Thinking & Experimentation Hypothesis Hypothesis Validation Pivot ? PRODUCT-MARKET FIT VR/AR Business Opportunities Talented Entrepreneurs Market research Feedback PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Explore Target Customers Growth Channels Seed Investment SUCCESS! Oarsis Incubation Program W e e k e n d Further with next startup phase!
  14. 14. Collaborative e-Learning Platform “The Oarsis” Workshops & Fireside Chats with TOP Mentors Personal Development Program Network & Community Potential Cash Investment
  15. 15. Would you like to maximize time, resources and network while building your new VR/AR/3D/AI startup? www.oarsis.com/weekend September 29th - October 1st