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Tips for Staying Focused in an Always-On World

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Smartphones, tablets and the proliferation of connected devices have all changed the way we work and live. Is this a blessing, or a curse? Brad Cleveland recently addressed this topic in a TEDx talk (http://ubm.io/2knC4cf). In response, our #ICMIchat community spent some time brainstorming ways to be more effective, intentional and focused in this always-on world. Click through this presentation for highlights from the conversation.

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Tips for Staying Focused in an Always-On World

  1. 1. Tips for Staying Focused in an Always-On World
  2. 2. Highlights  from  the  February  7,  2017  #ICMIchat
  3. 3. Q: What  do  you  think   of  the  new  law  in   France  that’s  intended   to  ban  after-­‐hours   work  email?  
  4. 4. Q:  Has  the  proliferation   of  smartphones  impacted   productivity  in  your   contact  center?  How?
  5. 5. Q:  How  do  you  help   employees  stay  focused   amidst  all  the  distractions  of   today’s  world?
  6. 6. Q:  Have  you  noticed   a  shift  in  customer   demands  as  a  result   of  connectivity  ?  
  7. 7. Q:  How  do  you  maintain  a   healthy,  balanced  life  with   so  many  messages   competing  for  your   attention?  
  8. 8. Q:  How  will  you  choose   to  focus  your  time  in   2017?  
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