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Add A Game in your course

Do you want to add an educational game in your Moodle Course. See this PPP tutorial. Mr. Daloukas Vasilis, developed an amazing Moodle Module which called GAME!!! You can choose between 7 kind of games like hangman, crossword, cryptex, millionaire, etc. Have a happy Moodling!

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Add A Game in your course

  1. 1. How to add a game in your course Moodle Tutorials blogspot Moodlers online community SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE
  2. 4. I suggest you to add a Label before the activity. With this way you introduce your learners in the activity that will follow. Also, it seems that a lot of learners understand visually better what they have to accomplish. It is your choice what you want to do!
  3. 5. I suggest you to use Firefox browser. With Firefox you are able to use more features while you write the description of the Label
  4. 7. Give a name in the Game Do not forget to Save the changes ***NOTE. ONLY after saving the game you can change the kind of game
  5. 8. Before you Attempt the game you should Update the GAME If you try to Attempt the GAME before Updating the GAME you will take a message like that! Do not worry you can still Update the Game and then Attempt it
  6. 10. I almost forget it! Do not forget to Save the Changes
  7. 11. Now you are ready to Attempt the GAME
  8. 12. Hangman is ready for use!!! Lets try it.
  9. 13. I need only one letter in order to win!!!
  10. 14. I won!
  11. 15. HERE IS HOW THE GAME WILL LOOK ON YOUR MOODLE COURSE http://moodle-tutorials.blogspot.com GAME MODULE Moodlers online community SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE