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Employing Visual Content for Compelling Storytelling (Toronto - April 2014)

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The presence of content in its various forms across the digital landscape has given rise to an era of instant gratification – a time where anyone can search for a topic of their choosing or send out a message through their social channels to obtain relevant information. As organizations seek to maintain visibility, share their stories and establish a connection with the digital masses consuming this information, few resources exist that are as powerful as visual, multimedia content.

This presentation highlights how leading organizations and thought leaders are leveraging visual assets and a variety of multimedia services to garner higher visibility, spark interaction, generate leads and build loyalty. This presentation deck explores how the use of visuals and story driven, multimedia content developers and brand ambassadors are playing an even deeper role in how businesses and organizations create experiences with their audiences throughout the buying cycle.


Michael Pranikoff, Global Director, Emerging Media, PR Newswire

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Employing Visual Content for Compelling Storytelling (Toronto - April 2014)

  1. 1. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  2. 2. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Michael Pranikoff Global Director, Emerging Media PR Newswire http://about.me/michaelpranikoff michael.pranikoff@prnewswire.com Twitter / @mpranikoff
  3. 3. CNW is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organizations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide
  4. 4. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Newswire.ca PRNewswire.com Blogs National News Sites Local News Affiliate Sites Portals & Databases Trade News Sites Your Website MediaRoom Video Portals ARC Mobile App Partnerships Mobilized Websites CNW Mobile Site & App High Ranking Search Results PR Newswire for Journalists Media Outlet News Feeds “The Wire” Twitter SocialPost Email Microlists / Media Lists
  5. 5. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM We have the resources to make your content more VISIBLE. We have the distribution & syndication network to AMPLIFY your content. Our products & services help you continually ENGAGE your target audiences.
  6. 6. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  7. 7. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM 85%of brand marketers are publishing content. Source: Forrester, October 2013
  8. 8. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM But only Source: Forrester, October 2013 The harsh reality is that branded content, even when it's great, isn't getting seen or discovered by audiences. 36%are doing it effectively.
  9. 9. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Earned Media vs. Branded Content Source: 2014 In-lab study by Nielsen, commissioned by inPowered
  10. 10. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Paid Media Traditional Ads Owned Media Corporate Content Earned Media Organic Converged Media Promoted Sponsored Branded That Is Shared Based on Altimeter Group Research
  11. 11. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM ! 1st 2nd Advertisement (Initial Awareness) Shelf (Point of Purchase) Experience (Customer Satisfaction) 0 AWARENESS CONSIDERATION INTENT DECISION DISPLAY CLICK SOCIAL EMAIL PAID SEARCH ORGANIC SEARCH DIRECTREFERRAL OTHER PAID Assisting interaction Last interaction
  12. 12. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  13. 13. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Source: http://blog.gfk.com/2014/03/finding-simplicity-in-a-multi-device-world/Source: http://blog.gfk.com/2014/03/finding-simplicity-in-a-multi-device-world/
  14. 14. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Source: http://blog.gfk.com/2014/03/finding-simplicity-in-a-multi-device-world/Source: http://blog.gfk.com/2014/03/finding-simplicity-in-a-multi-device-world/
  15. 15. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Classic Story Arc x = time y = tension opening scene climax dénouement Earned Media beginning middle end Adapted from Lou Hoffman - www.Hoffman.com 72 Hours – 96 Hours
  16. 16. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM The Communicator’s Story Spike x = time y = change Old Way New Way future storytelling fodder Adapted from Lou Hoffman - www.Hoffman.com
  17. 17. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  18. 18. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM BRAND Currency = Content AUDIENCE Currency = Personal Info Jane Smith jane.smith@xyz.com 555-555-5555 CEO, XYZ Corp. The brand continuously delivers relevant content & establishes its worth to the audience The audience trusts the brand enough to identify themselves & grant permission for engagement
  19. 19. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  20. 20. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Source: UberFlip
  21. 21. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Source: UberFlip
  22. 22. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Source: UberFlip
  23. 23. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Headline Article …8 will only read the headline… …and only 2 will make it to the article.
  24. 24. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM One in five people 1 in 5 people
  25. 25. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Number/Trigger Keyword Adjective Promise Headline _______________ + + +
  27. 27. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM • Make your news easy to read and digest. Think “info-snacks” • Use bold to separate ideas – But Don’t Overdo It! • Bullet points are great to use. – Make this your Tweet. •Think about having a “Quotes” section instead of burying the quote. •Easy To Read means Easier to Use!
  28. 28. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM • Use links in content – Actionable links that bring the user to where they should directly be going. • Only use 1-3 links in online content today…but there are exceptions. Links should be near the top of the release. • Don’t Add Too Many Links – The search engines will knock you for too many links. •Anchor Text can still be used, but we recommend old fashion links – http://www.yourlinkehere.com because it tells Google & the reader where you want them to go.
  29. 29. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  30. 30. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  31. 31. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  32. 32. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Use Less Words
  33. 33. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  34. 34. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Source: http://neomam.com/interactive/13reasons/
  35. 35. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM of what they SEE & DO 80%of what they READ 30% Source: Lester, P. M. (2006). Syntactic Theory of Visual Communication.
  36. 36. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  37. 37. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Using multimedia in your releases increases journalist and public engagement By 35% According to internal sample research comparing press releases that contain multimedia with those that do not.
  38. 38. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM 2010 Still, multimedia is added to only 14% of releases.
  39. 39. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM 20102013 Still, multimedia is added to only 14% of releases. Multimedia usage doubled.
  40. 40. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM 20102013 Still, multimedia is added to only 14% of releases.
  41. 41. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Image source: TED.com
  42. 42. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  43. 43. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  44. 44. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  45. 45. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Launched on April 3, 2014 3,704,585 Views (as of April 24, 2014)
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  53. 53. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM After 3 Days After 30 Days
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  55. 55. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM
  56. 56. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Content Must Be Mapped To Business Objectives
  57. 57. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM Content Must Be Appealing
  58. 58. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM TRUST RELIABILITY DELIGHT Publish a steady stream of content Keep it relevant & interesting @mpranikoff #cnw
  59. 59. @mpranikoff #VISUALCOMM