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Epidemic Communicator

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The objective of this Peter Pribilla Fellowship project is to elucidate how service innovations in the face of uncertainty, with regard to food borne disease outbreaks, emerge. This context is deemed adequate due to its high societal, and managerial relevance, as recent serious human infections in the course of enter haemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) have highlighted an unexpected vulnerability in the German health care sector this year.

more: clicresearch.org/peter-pribilla-stiftung/?page_id=122

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Epidemic Communicator

  1. 1. epicommEpidemic CommunicatorUncertainty as a Trigger for Service InnovationsGordon Müller-Seitz, Carsten Reuter, Christoph Stöckmann, Wotan Wilden and Gil BrethMunich, October 22, 2012 1
  2. 2. epicommAgendaIntroducing the epicomm -TeamIntroducing the IssueWhat We PromisedWhat We Deliver 2
  3. 3. epicommEpicomm - Team Gordon Müller-Seitz Carsten Reuter Pre-studies (automotive) FHG distribution channels Qualitative empirical studies Information flow Teaching cases Possibilities to promote the theme Christoph Stöckmann Wotan Wilden App production Product Design Empirical study Prototyping Multi-channel marketing Usability 3
  4. 4. epicommAgendaIntroducing the epicomm -TeamIntroducing the IssueWhat We PromisedWhat We Deliver 4
  5. 5. epicommUncertainty in the run-up or during events can take many forms,is managerially relevant and represents an omnipresent phenomenonEbola Tsunamis EyjafjallajökullFukushima Deepwater Horizon 9/11 5
  6. 6. epicommAfter the crisis is before the next crisisUncertainty remains a latent key concern for many health care actors 6
  7. 7. epicommUncertainty  riskUncertainty in our setting is diffuse and criticalhystery prone settingreducing uncertainty (public authorities etc.)Overarching research question:How do actors cope with uncertainty in the face of HC disasters? 7
  8. 8. epicommSpecific caseThe invisible is EHECLeadership is needed to introduce innovative servicesCall center hotlineReceipe-based cohort studyEHEC Task Force (innovative form of collaboration for the PuMa sector) 8
  9. 9. epicommAgendaIntroducing the epicomm -TeamIntroducing the IssueWhat We PromisedWhat We Deliver 9
  10. 10. epicommOur promise – outputs will occur in the following areasTeachingCase studies for three diseasesResearchA conference paperDisseminationGaining attention for the PPSProductApp 10
  11. 11. epicommAgendaIntroducing the epicomm -TeamIntroducing the IssueWhat We PromisedWhat We Deliver 11
  12. 12. epicommInvestment of 40.000 € funding by Peter Pribilla-FoundationTravelling 8.000 €Epicomm TeamResearch/teaching 12.000 €Student assistants for data collection and analysis purposeFreie Universität Berlin, Institut für ManagementProduct research/design 5.000 €Student assistants for user research and app designTechnische Universität München, Lehrstuhl für Industrial DesignApp implementation 15.000 €netSTART Systems GmbH and Hag&Hagal 12
  13. 13. epicommTeaching output - generating visibility of the PPF-themeCase studiesEHEC: „EHEC-Ausbruch 2011 in Deutschland – Der Kampf gegen den unsichtbaren Feind “SARS: „SARS-Pandemie 2002/2003: Die Angst reist um die Welt “BSE: „Der schiere Wahnsinn – Die BSE-Epidemie in Großbritannien und ihre weitreichenden Folgen für Europa “Research seminarsFreie Universität Berlin(„Forschungsseminar“ / summer term 2012/13)Universität Hamburg(„Public Risk Management“ / winter term 2012/13) 13
  14. 14. epicommResearch output - crafting output for the scientific arenaExchange fora with leading experts from the fieldJoe Lampel (Cass Business School)Bridget Hutter (LSE)Presentations/papers 2012Public Management Colloquium/WK ÖBWL„Interorganisationale Praktiken im Umgang mit Unsicherheit am Beispiel des EHEC-Ausbruchs“OLKC„Situated Learning during Uncertain Events: The Case of the German EHEC outbreak 2011“EURAM„Managing Uncertainty in the Case of Food-borne Disease Outbreaks:Explorative Evidence from Public Health Insittutions“ 14
  15. 15. epicommDissemination - leverage existing resources and facilitiesDocCheckLeads pursued (ongoing)Fire department DüsseldorfDepartmental authority for Health and Consumer Protection (Hamburg)Inquired / existing contactsApothekenrundschauComputer BildBildFU Berlin online magazine 15
  16. 16. epicommProduct - App developing processGeneration of user storiesSurvey of expertsDefinition of main functionsApp designApp implementation 16
  17. 17. epicommApp - Generation of 12 user storiesExample 1Information on health status of family members and friends 17
  18. 18. epicommApp - Generation of 12 user storiesExample 2Location-based concentration of site-specific symptoms triggers alarm 18
  19. 19. epicommApp - Survey of expertsContactsBayerische LandesärztekammerBundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und KatastrophenhilfeDeutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e.V.Deutscher Wetter DienstDeutsches Rotes KreuzEuropäisches Zentrum für Krankheitsprävention und Kontrolle (ECDC)Feuerwehr Branddirektion MünchenGDACS (Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System)Helmholtz Zentrum München, Epidemiologie AbteilungJohanniter (Unfall-Hilfe e. V.)Malteser„MediCare“ / Flughafen München Medizinisches Zentrum GmbHPolizeipräsidium MünchenReferat für Gesundheitsschutz und Infektionsschutz der Landeshauptstadt MünchenReferat für Gesundheit und Umwelt der Landeshauptstadt MünchenTechnisches Hilfswerk 19
  20. 20. epicommApp - Survey of expertsResultsInterest in the use of the app is given.Responsible source must be trustworthy and reliable! Who is the competent, trustworthy source?The app is not useful for travelers.Still possible: recommendations of the Foreign Office warnings instead (this is the fullresponsibility of the national authorities and of some international public health institutions!)Behavioral advice instead of standard information, with which the user is left alone.Location-based data is desirable, but only anonymously and not exactly but as a display of therelative density.It would be great to have the system able not just to register the single case but to identifygeographical/timing clusters.In terms of warning, users should have the possibility to clearly distinguish what they find onmedia from what they find from any authority or reliable source. 20
  21. 21. epicommApp - definition and design of main functionsBasic settingsWhen you start using the app you will be asked which information is used 21
  22. 22. epicommApp - definition and product design of main functionsBehavior of the app on WarningsWarnings appear as push messages on the smartphoneThe home screen is focused on the most important functions to reduce panic:messages, behavioral advice and search for a doctor 22
  23. 23. epicommApp - definition and design of main functionsGeneral information within the appGeneral topics and articles serve as a supplement to the warnings and reduce panicAlready read information fades to gray, for a better overview 23
  24. 24. epicommApp - definition and design of main functionsSelf examinationResult consists of the analysis of symtoms and the location-based risk assessmentWith a worrying result the user is forwarded to "behavioral advice “Results are anonymously recorded and displayed in a interactive map 24
  25. 25. epicommApp - definition and design of main functionsInteractive mapPossible setting at the beginning are „choose filter" (which diseases to be shown) and„select period" to (in the last 24hours / year)The evaluated data of the self examination results appear alongside official sources in the charts 25
  26. 26. epicommApp - definition and design of main functionsDoctor LocatorOnly relevant specialists are shown (e.g. virologists)When you click on a desired pin on the map, the contact of the doctor will be displayed 26
  27. 27. epicommApp - ImplementationnetSTART Systems GmbH and Hag&HagalGil BrethGeschäftsführernetSTART Systems GmbHOststr. 11-13 (Rhein-Carré),D-50996 Köln-Rodenkirchenwww.netstart-systems.de 27
  28. 28. epicommApp - TechnologyIn 2012 Apple integrated a wireless emergency alert system into iOS 6Client user iOS warns userBase-System service provides alert Information is independent of time and location Only in the USA Emergency Alert Service Only emergency warnings No direct support Collects and provides emergency alerts 28
  29. 29. epicommApp - TechnologyEpicomm provides a back-channel for users to receive user-generated dataClient user User generates data iOS warns user Self examination doctor search Direct supportBase-System service provides alert Country independent Epicomm Service Comparsion of user data Analysis of user data 29
  30. 30. epicommApp - FunctionsGeneral informationNewsIntegration of various online news sourcesAggregation of newsCross-platform deployment (XML, RSS)Not personalized content 30
  31. 31. epicommApp - FunctionsSelf examinationSymptom queryProvision of symptomsDetection of symptoms depending on the user locationAnonymous online data storageLocation based analysis of the symtoms 31
  32. 32. epicommApp - FunctionsLocation based doctor searchDoctors OverviewDisplay of appropriate doctors in the own areaDirect contact opportunitiesLocation based results 32
  33. 33. epicommApp - FunctionsSymptom radarMessage summaryDisplaying messages in the own areaTime and location dependentVisualization of message types (confirmed vs. non-confirmed) 33
  34. 34. epicommApp - Demonstration 34
  35. 35. epicommEpicomm can visualize and react on spread of viruses in real time xVideo source: Adam Sadilek, Predicting Spread of Disease from Social Media,http://www.cs.rochester.edu/~sadilek/research 35
  36. 36. epicommWhat’s next?Partner NetworkIntegration of data sourcesQuality of service/dataMedia and PRNews in our news/social media network (approx. 6.000 members)PR-partners: Computer Bild, Center.TV, VDI NewsData, data and even more dataSupport for other plattforms (Android and Windows Phone)User generated content 36
  37. 37. epicommThank you for your attention and support 37